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27 bình luận trong “"I'll come back and hunt you down!" Tyson Fury dressing room interview after Wilder third fight win

  1. I hope everyone finally realizes, what all us fury fans have always known since we see him on channel 5, he is the best and deserves the acknowledgement.

  2. His living life better over there in America then in England, goes to show how boring England really is😆

  3. Fury wouldn't be as great without wilder, wilder give him a chance when he came to Belfast and wanted to fight on at the Carl Frampton fight back in 2018 in Windsor park fury said he'd be back to fight in Belfast 🤞🤣

  4. Conor should be ashamed that he couldn't fight the full 12 rounds against Floyd, Tyson Fury has better cardio than him and hes 6'9 280

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