"If you can't knock somebody out you better be able to box!" – Lennox Lewis on Fury vs Wilder 3!

Ahead of Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder 3, former undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis sat down with BT Sport to preview the highly anticipated trilogy fight!

Watch #FuryWilder3 exclusively live on BT Sport Box Office on October 9.

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23 bình luận trong “"If you can't knock somebody out you better be able to box!" – Lennox Lewis on Fury vs Wilder 3!

  1. Sergio Martinez learned how to box at 24 and became champion , the difference is he learned the science and wilder didn't respect the sport to do the same

  2. All these pundits and former fighters never give Fury credit for how good he is. I do give him credit which is why I have made money, every fight, that Fury has fought for the last six or more years. I even did well on betting on a draw in the first fight, 25/1.

    In fight 3 I bet on fury to win by KO in groups of rounds. my return (9/1 for KO in rounds 9 to 12) doubled my stake money, very satisfying.

  3. LL is one of the greatest heavyweight or perhaps the greatest because he won all the heavyweight belt and retired still the champion.

  4. Crazy how this guy was a champion in the sport and can be this dumb.. Deonte didn't learn anything in the second fight …that's why he's in denial… however Fury learned how to defeat Deonte Wilder and defeat him he did

  5. This is an amazing interview and preflight discussion. Lewis is one of the greatest of all time and to hear him say that same thing about Fury is awesome. Greatness recognizes greatness!

  6. The heavyweight division is exciting again never thought we would have a man as big as Tyson that can box and move like this

  7. I was fortunate to see LENNOX live twice and wow this man knew the art of punching great champion one of best ever

  8. Tyson's fat is always being harped on, no matter how many Chisled Adonises he destroys. It's like ppl never heard of George Foreman. I know it's not good be a fat slob either, just sayin.

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