How To Tie A Karate/Sambo Belt For Weighted Dips/Chin-Ups

Weight dip using karate belt, sambo belt, any other type of martial ats belt. In this short clip I am showing my technique of binding the martial art belt for the weighted work doing pull-ups, dips and so on.

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  1. Thanks for great video and letting me saving money for dip belt. please let me know what music bgm is

  2. Awesome 😀 Thumps up if you used it and then felt like something is touching you in the inside of your legs!

  3. for front and back levers use ankle weights having the weight at your feet makes it harder to hold. think of it like holding your arms out straight and holing a weight in your hands compared to on your elbows

  4. He doesn't use the weight belt for Front Lever, someone asked him already this. Either use Weight Vest , but is much much better to use Ankle weights. Hope it helps you.

  5. @closetoimpossible yesterday I tried +8kg 5×5, working strength with pullups is awesome, it's the best exercise I've ever done! Do you think that putting a towel on the back could relieve some of the pressure on the lower back? It's quite tossing on it.

  6. This is the best badass solution to how doing weighted stuff without spending money. Many thanks, and please show us other good stuff!

  7. @andres5501 You are correct! Try being quick. Nonetheless it's the first 2-3 reps(of each set) that are the most important anyways. 1-3 reps is when you build maximum strength the other reps when you decrease progressively the weight are just to finish the set.

  8. @andres5501 Thanks for the question, 3 sets of 8 reps. However the first 1-2 reps should be your max, then you decrease the weight and make another 2-4 reps with your max for that point, then decrease again and make another 2-3. A total of 8, but basically on every repetition you are working with your max for the moment of the set. I hope I managed to explain it good!

  9. @closetoimpossible
    thanks 😀

    i think everything on the market today is over-priced ( well at least fitness wise) , i made most of my own equipment from scratch, since i have materials around .. its sad that people think that only what you buy in a stor is good.. i made my squat rack myself and it cost me less then 50$ , and it has an adjustable cable machine .. a regular squat rack with nothing extra is about 300$!! .. that's horrible!

  10. @MultiMrParkour Well it might wear it a little faster but I've been using my belt for 6 years now. It still has a lot of life in it, so don't worry about this. 🙂

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