How to Get Started in Muay Thai (or any martial art!) | Beginner Tips for Your First Day at the Gym

Start your martial arts journey the right way. We talk tips and advice on what you need to get started and what to expect on your first day of class in the gym. If you’re interested in starting Muay Thai and have no idea where to start, this video is for you!

0:00 Intro
0:13 Am I too old or too young to start?
0:52 Do I need to be in shape?
1:34 Do I have to spar or fight?
2:20 Can I spar right away?
3:31 What should I wear?
4:40 Should I bring equipment?
5:53 What is typical gym etiquette?
7:15 Outro

More beginner tips:
Learn basic footwork & stance:
Learn how to throw the perfect punch:

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31 bình luận trong “How to Get Started in Muay Thai (or any martial art!) | Beginner Tips for Your First Day at the Gym

  1. This was an simple yet amazing video. I’m going to a Muai Thai trial class at my closest gym and this has put some of my nerves at ease as it’s a completely new environment to me. Thanks for the video

  2. Very informative man ! Thanks.
    One quick question though, I am starting my classes 2 days a week. Is it frequent enough if I wanna level up in 2-3 months?

  3. So I recently tried out Muay thai at a local gym and i fell in love. With that being said I will speak on the question of " Contact with others?" my first class was a lil over load for me because even though it is a beginners class it was full immersion into partnering up with someone that had more experience then you. My first partner has been training for 2 years already and here I am green to muay thai and trying to do 4,5,6 combo drills while trying to learn proper technique. I wish there was a bag class or at least a little more structured lesson for those who are just starting. With that being said don't let it freak you out just thought someone would like to hear my experience. I am going to try out another gym and see which one I like.

  4. I started a month ago first day a almost throw up and I couldn’t breath ,now I can go like 30 minutes of kicking and boxing , still you lose breath and energy but not even remotely close to what it was in the first days , much better , it’s all about training and relaxing

  5. I was in Thailand for a couple months with a group (kinda like a tourist thing but not really?) and one of the activities we did was Muay Thai. I instantly fell in love, and also broke my hand, but I came back the next day anyway lol. I had some kickboxing experience so it was super different, but it was different enough to notice. Anyway, now you’ll see me in a gym 5 days a week. I was about 18 when I started and I’ve loved every second of it. Don’t be afraid to try new things, you never know what will stick

  6. What about flexibility? I know a big part of Muay Thai is kicking, so is it going to be very limiting at first if you’re not flexible?

  7. i’m 16, i’ve wanted to do some sort of martial arts for as long as i can remember but my mom never had the time to take me or money. now i’m in highschool and balancing a job, i still rly want to do martial arts but i just can’t find the time. Any tips?

  8. I would love to take up Muay Thai – not competitively, I’m too old for that! – but I am a reasonably fit and healthy and was wondering if 62 was WAAAAAY too old. I do have a history of martial arts from boxing to karate to wing chun from 13 to 40 years old…..

  9. Holy moly, heard how you started and that's really great motivation for a lot of people. That's basically everyone I know.

  10. I’m 16 started Muay Thai February my coaches weren’t very attentive to me they focused more on the bigger guys and took us beginners as a joke but I am glad to say I found a new gym and hopefully wishing they are more attentive to their students then my last gym (terrible gym obvious they were trying to make profit out of the whole gym instead of teaching)

  11. Love the video! My question is what would you suggest for a beginner training routine. I started doing jit jutsu and Muay Thai but I feel kinda burned out trying to make a schedule and going to both classes. Any advice would be appreciated!

  12. Will I get hurt? I feel like you could look that up, and figure it out in like 10 seconds.

  13. I am kick-boxer turning to Muay Thai in shape but definetly still challenging and I only started and already see a difference

  14. U nailed it ! Happy to find such a content on YouTube! To any one who is wondering about muay thai! That's the best effective sport that existed ever 😂 you will enjoy the pain later nd ask for more ! The best thing that happened to me is discovering it nd boooom I am mentally and physically glowing ❤

  15. I’ve done Muay Thai for over a year now and I have to say I’ve made a lot of progress for weight loss 255-200, have made the best friends that we do everything together as a team, and am the top of my Air Force Dep program group (but it’s the Air Force so 😂) I’d say the best thing is to start today.

    Seems badass to be able to kick metal poles in half, however that must come at a price of no feeling in your legs, as well as possible future problems. Just hoping I could square this away

  17. Thanks for the video man! I’m 15 and skinny right now, but I’m hoping to start when I turn 16 and can drive, and hopefully will have put on some muscle by then

  18. I was worried because I thought i was too old to start and I am just 18. All the comments and the video help me to realize I should give it a try, thanks !!

  19. I wrestled for 4 years before I took my first mma lesson at a pretty legit gym. After warmup, the instruct wanted to roll with me (he knew I was a wrestler). He started on his back and let me start however I wanted. Totally freakin stumped lol. He pinned himself, what more could I want! Lol. I was destroyed in a hurry.

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