HIGHLIGHTS – SFT 21 MMA & XTREME (Portuguese w/ English subtitles)

In one week, SFT returns to live events. Relive some of the most exciting moments of SFT 21.

In the main card, after shocking the world with a perfect performance, Guilherme Faria, 16-07, faces the new fighter to join SFT, the number 02 of the ranking of Tapology, Elismar Carrasco 21-07, coming from victory in Russia and in major national events.

The bantamweight champion of the Japanese Pancration event, Sidy Rocha 12-07, number 04 in the ranking faces Kalindra Faria 18-08, a former UFC athlete, who makes his first fight after the cut with the American organization.

In a duel of prospects Cearense Manoel Souza 4 -0 faces Vadirson Negão 6-1, disciple of Pedro Rizzo, undefeated for 04 fights.

Julião Rodrigues 11-03 X Diogines Overeem 11-05.
Antonio Piauaí 09-01 X Danilo Adreani 09-03.
Pamela Mara 03-02 X Glorinha de Paula 04-02.
Maicon Cardoso 05-04 X André De Loco 10-09.
Romulo Baiano 04-02 X Eduardo Dudu 05-01.

06 more SFT Xtreme fights (kickboxing with MMA glove), a jiu jitsu fight and semi pro MMA fights


SFT Combat USA

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