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  1. Have just rewatch this once more due to Joshua vs Usyk fight and my assessments are brutal but honest. Usyk is the pacesetter of the Heavyweight division. Excellent head movement and footwork neutralize big punchers like these ones

  2. Chisora is the Bert cooper of our time and he stept it down twice as heavy next time vs Parker they will not keep a thirty boss old man as champ they want Parker who is 29 to beat the winner of usyk josh

  3. Indeed Parker could have knocked Chisora down, but he hid his strength and wisdom, so that facing other strong fighters for the title would be a disrespect, underappreciation. about him of the opponents. We will see a strong and skilled Parker. It's completely different from facing other fighters for world championship titles,

  4. I still wonder how Derek cheated himself into such a high world ranking with his 11 losses. And in this fight he cheats again with illegal punches against the back of the head.

  5. Sometimes being “too calm” is bad, especially for heavyweights. The HW division is so aggressive and powerful, every shot can drop you, you have to be aggressive at all times, esp. in defence. Parker needs to channel his aggression and more aggressive, especially in the first 3-4 rounds; and then he can start to be more calm and pick them apart in deeper waters.

  6. I had Parker winning by a point. This is no robbery tho. But it will be interesting to see Parker take on the real top guys again.

  7. I hope that neither one of these fighters is representative of the quality of the heavyweight division. Chisora gets some slack because he's 37, and he did his best. Parker gets none because he's 29, too passive, and has no defense.

  8. Parker needs to come to terms with the fact that he doesn't possess the natural power to ko fighters in the elite level, & focus on the natural gift he does possess, the sweet science. Focus more in that department, stop looking for the ko, & his potential will begin to show, & with that the ko's will naturally come when/if they come, but still win comfortably if not.

  9. Ma man with the video drop enyoing dis came here after watching the Delta Parole musicvideos the new they drop it called waaasted. Loveing dis video, after song pumpin me up for dem gym time bro!!!!

  10. Derek Chisora is my least favourite boxer but i really think he'd won this fight. Anyway.. awesome fight from both of them. And Chisora really make him run for his money 🥊🔥🔥

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