Gym+Coffee x Niall Horan Guided Sleep Narration

Achieving a great quality of sleep has many mental and physical benefits. It can improve your mood + mental health, lift you energy levels, help you to destress and improve memory + concentration to name but a few. However, it’s not always that easy to achieve and Niall Horan would like to help you out a little.

“With many struggling to sleep during these crazy times of the past 18 months, I was keen
to get involved in Gym+Coffee’s initiative and help in any way possible. It’s really amazing
to watch world mental health day grow and we can clearly see a path for change.”
Niall x

At Gym+Coffee, our commitment to continuing important conversations and taking action around mental health is long-term and beyond just one single day. Through our events, partnerships, blogs and activations, we’re aiming to raise further awareness and to support our community with helpful mental health information and resources. If you want to learn more, take part in any of our upcoming events or hear mental health-related stories from our community, find more about events, resources and blogs.


30 bình luận trong “Gym+Coffee x Niall Horan Guided Sleep Narration

  1. This help me in my anxiety attack…Niall just still help me since 2012, i'm SO happy for him 💘💘💘

  2. As a uni student, my sleep schedule is very messed up:) And Listening to Niall's soothing Irish voice makes me less stressed during bed time:) Thanks Niall and Gym Plus Coffee!!!

  3. his voice is so relaxing and I could listen to it forever but I can still barely understand what he's saying LMAO

  4. Thank you so much for this, gonna listen to this anytime I’m sad or can’t sleep. Tysm Niall

  5. Desde que este audio salio niall me a ayudado muchisimo a dormir y a superar mis problemas te amo niall
    Gracias gym+coffe

  6. Idek what hes talking about I'm just focusing on his voice and accent… it's so calming, I love niall <3

  7. So beautiful! Works like a charm but I finally made it to the end of the river. Guess what, it's lovely for migraines too……

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