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  1. Fury in my eyes needs t9 fight Usyk before he retires. If you look at fury career he’s only faught 3 decent fighters .

  2. The first thing I thought after the fight was: Now Retire! My reasoning is that nothing in boxing will ever come close to what you have achieved in the fight game. You fought every one who was at the top of their game. You do not need to allow anyone to travel by holding on to your shirt tail. I do not think that he will retire yet I hope that he does. His mental health is also a massive worry because if he goes on and fights until he eventually gets beat then the mental health will most likely manifest when he is down rather than when he is upbeat. If he was to retire his legacy for himself, the world of boxing, mental health would be phenomenal. So going home to his wife and family and protecting his health both mental and physical would in many ways be the most logical conclusion to this great warrior and although he enters the pantheon of the greats as an equal he could potentially go down as the greatest ever.

  3. Gareth got the wording wrong on this one I think. He wanted to showcase his long standing relationship with Tyson and stand out from other journalist's by asking a deeper, personal question. I believe it came from a good place but perhaps the timing and delivery were off-key here. Some of these comments are treating depression like it's a swear word, taboo almost – it's not. But the way in which you go about asking these kind of questions should be considered carefully. Gareth still a good man but this was abit of a boo-boo.

  4. I do like Gareth Davies and I appreciate the way he has answered the criticism about his awkward question on mental health. The timing wasn't great but it is the question and fear we all have for that great man Tyson Fury. We all look up to people like Tyson Fury. Tyson is a giant of a man who beat another giant of a man. As males, we all dream to be a big crush skulling God, but we are not. Gareth with his posh voice and his tinted glasses and his look etc. I think represents the rest of us. It was a great interview and I know I will continue to listen to Gareth as he does have Tyson's best interests at heart.

  5. People talking about Wilder going out on his shield, but how would Fury have felt if he had of killed him in there. He should have been pulled out. Its irresponsible and gives boxing a bad name. I'm all for a great scrap, but he was on a hiding to nowhere. It's not the 1970s any more. We know more now about the effects continuous punches to the head have on fighters. There's reasons why we've went from 15 rounds to 12 rounds and why fighting laws were changed in Britain after the tragedies with Michael Watson and Gerald McClelllend.

  6. Hey Gareth just don’t take the piss too much, you saying “I won’t apologise for getting him to talk about it” is NOT why you’re being criticised, it was the way you asked him as if it was a choice somehow,….(“Are you really going to go into depression now?) of course the answer was the one he gave so it was a shoddy question and that’s it. don’t suggest you’re some kind of hero when you put the question how you did.

  7. The question would have been appropriate in a different setting, weeks, if not months after the event, as Fury has a well know and public problem with mental health issues.

    It absolutely wasn’t appropriate at the post fight victory presser.

    He got it wrong, but in general he’s a good interviewer.

  8. Should never have mentioned his mental issue because I belive that something tyson has to live with for the rest of his life bit insensitive that's just my opinion

  9. I think anyone can ask any question. No right or wrong question. You can't tell anyone what to ask and not to ask. This is 21st century period

  10. Gareth got over friendly. Could have got that information by asking
    “Tyson what are you going to do to preoccupy yourself “

  11. Fact is Gareth, your mental health question and the way you said it were out of order, rude and unnecessary. You're lucky Fury took it so well, but you should take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. A hole.

  12. Good journo. Daft question though. He's fortunate to have such close access to Fury family, so it's surprising he's talking about Fury's personal business so openly.

  13. Only a person lacking empathy would ask questions like that. The way this guy talks you can tell he enjoys his ego a bit too much.
    . People with the gift of the gab can be the biggest snakes.

  14. Personally I don't think he will fall into deep depression after this fight because he very nearly lost the fight but dug deep to win. He also has a support network now which he didn't after the Klitschko win and he won that one easy which in a bizarre way lessoned that great win. Gareth's question was truly awful but if asked a different way could have been a really great question. Still one of the best journos for me.

  15. So many snowflakes offended by the way a question was asked. He talked about it the previous week. It wasn’t a question out of nowhere. He knows fury waaaay better than any of ye little balls of emotion do. Fury would have told him to fuck off if he was offended.

  16. As someone with bipolar myself that was a terrible question to have asked. A bit disgraceful. Always liked this guy but now I think he's a bit of a douche

  17. Gareth is a brilliant boxing reporter. One of my favourites. He got that post fight presser totally wrong; all we are seeing now is the people who already had a problem with him, digging him out further.

    Hes middle class and his assessments are almost poetic alot of the time; some people in this sport and some fans of this sport hate that. They see it as rough and tough and working-class. It's dumb, same as how some people will support fighters based on their skin colour; people are stupidly tribalistic in their approach at times.

  18. In all fairness he's a good reporter just lately he comes across all wrong also looks like he sleeps on a bench, also thought the interview he done while smoking and drinking in his room was all over the place

  19. What makes Gareth a boxing expert? I've always thought he's a bit of a clown. I could give a better analysis and would have had better questions. He also fails in generating personality with interviewees. His position is the telegraph's boxing expert. That should tell you all you need to know.

  20. Ahmed have you forgotten that there is a referee on the ring…….why is it the trainers responsibility and not the referee responsibility to gauge the situation

  21. He has a good relationship with fury, that question was just a tounge and cheek moment, I think in a way that was Gareth ay of hinting and making sure tyson dosent go thru another spate of depression 💯💯💯

  22. Guy is usually okay at UFC events but fucking hell this question was very odd for someone with usually good questions

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