Francis Ngannou: The UFC Is Trying to 'Discredit' Me

Francis Ngannou discusses his tough time with the UFC and his return, how he felt about the interim title at UFC 265, what it’s like facing Ciryl Gane, and more.

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25 bình luận trong “Francis Ngannou: The UFC Is Trying to 'Discredit' Me

  1. He makes a good point; at first, they refused to entertain an interim bout when the previous titleholder Stipe was in hiatus, yet so quick to create a demand for an interim title only months after Ngannou becomes champ…I'm sensing hypocrisy here.

  2. This just shows even more how right Luke Rockhold was about adensanya and usman missing an opportunity they should of stood with him in this situation.

  3. The UFC likely wants Jon to be the heavyweight champ. NGANNOU is just a place holder. These leagues need to stop playing with players lives . lol no pun intended. Pay the man what he's worth. He's a huge draw + amazing background story. I hope he's able to retain the title for many more years. UFC is playing chess with these guys smh.

  4. Always about leverage. Business. Money. The new fighter dreams, prone to being ripped apart by the adhesion style contracts, especially if you get popular fast. "Do you wanna be a fighter ?" Maybe not in the UFC.

  5. Love how he says “at the même time” and mixes the French and English expression. And also that false cognate between “terminer” and “terminate” which got Ariel confused.

  6. Hard to believe he would have Visa issues like that. Francis isn't nice people, have you seen his fights?

  7. Ngannou will earn more fighting Jake Paul or Logan Paul than he ever will in the UFC. This is the reality….

  8. And THAT'S ladies & gentlemen is why you need independent media!
    I didn't know that Ngannou had such issues with the UFC and it seems that it is because he has not extended not his restrictive contract.
    Imagine if he leaves the UFC and still is the champ! This lore of a big sports monopoly trying to restrict its champion and trying to have total control over him is not new and repeats itself seemingly. Montreal Screwjob anyone?!
    Basically he is here on this show to have a voice. And to vent. Imagine if all media was owned or tied to the UFC!
    You won't hear stuff like this on ESPN & Co. who have business ties with the UFC.

    You can say about Helwani what you want but he was ahead of everyone else in knowing the importance of independent MMA media! He knew how the business works and why it is of utmost importance for him to not work for an MMA organization. While all other MMA journalists were more than happy to have a spot on the UFC (or Bellator, etc.) broadcast chair he went the other way trying to stay independent. Go watch The MMA Hour: Episode 333.

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