Floyd Mayweather – Greatest Hits

The perfect career of Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

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21 bình luận trong “Floyd Mayweather – Greatest Hits

  1. Floyd Mayweather thought he fooled us by beating up all the Mexicans 😂 and 2 black guys and 1 Irish😂 maywether was fighting the goats when they were all old 💯 this mayweather guy is not the best boxer of all time The Golden state warriors have the best season record of all time but they not the best team of all time BE SMART PEOPLE 💯

  2. This man is not lovely.
    A friend like Mohammad Ali Scary Like Mike Tyson Powerful like Foreman Sturdy and warrior like a freezer Floyd Mayweather is none of this He is a hollow and absurd fighter He is the product of propaganda and propaganda to make more media and the rich of betting sites richer.The world of sports is getting dirtier every day.Imagine if this meader could resist Tyson!?!?Even imagining it is funny.With Tyson's first hook, the media hero was on his way to the hospital. Maybe go to the cemetery⚰️

  3. Floyd Money mayweather: a boxing genius who perfected the art of boxing defense and schooled fighters with superior boxing skill and technique

    Pretty boy floyd mayweather: a absolute nightmare to his opponents being in his prime. Having blinding speed, a proven chin, good power, and all that is backed up by his superior boxing ability

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