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  1. I'm not ashamed to say I had a tear in my eye when cheesman got kod. His spirit and heart is incredible, I was disgusted when he made his entrance and barely anyone was even interested. I am a bit of a snob about my boxing I usually don't like two guys standing toe to toe disregarding defence and slugging it out, I love James toney and Mike mccallum " artist's" like that but cheesman is so though and old school you can't help but like him. When he got kod it was really hard to watch I haven't felt like that about a fight in a long time. I hope both men are ok and everyone appreciates the balls and effort these guys gave for the fans, incredible 👍

  2. What a fantastic performance from Williamson, he made it a war and he's got some serious power in his shots. Great fight and I hope Cheese puts his feet up for a while because he's had some serious punishment in the past few years.

  3. Ted…. fcuksake that was HARD to watch …
    Seriously time to knock it on the head …
    To many wars bud
    You are a warrior ❤

  4. Cheeseman has taken some serious damage and only 26. Entertaining fights but he needs to think of his health. His style is very open.

  5. Ted Cheeseman is an all time great entertainer. People better remember this fella for the great wars he's provided us.

  6. Cheesy needs to retire his brain must be mush after all these great fights. He has ma respect for never fear no man in the ring.

  7. Cheeseman a great fighter with a lot of heart I always thought he was a bit over rated but he always fights hard and deserves respect

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