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  1. Fury was cherry pick gone wrong my wilder
    Should had fought Aj for all the belts Dazn channel offered him 100 million for 2 fight deal with Aj now wilder looks so dumb

  2. What now, fannon? This is what happens when fan boying too much for black fighters.
    True boxing fans are fans of boxing and this didnt age well.

  3. LOLOL Wilder got his butt whooped again. Hype job bum's career is over. Turned down 100 mil to lose twice to a guy he called "pillow fist". Al Haymon is ruining his fighters and starving them at the same time. Sad.

  4. Worth every penny,best PPV HW title bout since Ali vs Frazier.
    How about Boots vs winner of Porter vs Crawford.

  5. Salute to Fury. Damn. He the bigger guy wit faster hands. He's earned it. I lost money. Respect Wilder. Im still ya fan.

  6. No excuses we lost. D needs to stop being so top heavy. Way better spring in legs. Looks drunk walking around ring top heavy

  7. A lot of these people aren't fury fans they just happy the black guy lost because most of them are from America and fury is from the UK .

  8. How great is he because Tyson skilled Deonty the supposed opposite Tyson had to make coach changes style changes gain weight for as he put it a
    bum this does not erase that Tyson did cheat last fights Deonty only has busted lip why isn't his head dented

    again and he lasted to the 11th fatigue is what ultimately beat Deonty ! Tyson is great but Deonty is actually greter! Tyson greatest attribute is his size!

  9. chack malik scott interview on ellie seckbachs channel. Mlaik scott is smiling and grinning from ear to ear. he poisned deontay.

  10. Wilder surprised me and deserves full credit. It takes two to put on an amazing fight and both gave it their all. That’s all we could ask for. Fury greatest in this era!

  11. That was the kind of fight that transcends race/nationality and brings all sides together. It's hard to hate on either man when they give us a show like that. You'll always get a few idiots who make excuses but they just have to be ignored. As for Wilder, I see no reason why they can't do an AJ fight. Both fighters have been beaten and both are hard hitters so that would be a shootout ergo entertaining to watch. It may not be a mega fight for a belt but people will certainly pay to see that

  12. People are rubbing it in because you are still calling Fury a cheater. Yeah, you’re giving him props but props coated with a layer of “he’s a cheater”. This fight proved he didn’t cheat any of the fights. The bendy glove came loose, simple as that. Fury slaps his jabs some times and it DID happen in this fight too. You can literally find pictures of Muhammad Ali flicking his jab at George Foreman and it looks just like Tyson’s “floppy” jab. You’re a joke, that’s why they will keep calling you out.

  13. I agree, let’s see Wilders next moves and hopefully both are well and healthy CONGRATULATIONS to TYSON FURY ! He won a fair one ☝️

  14. People cam say whatever they choose WILDER cemented his legacy last night and we all got to witness one of the most historic fights in boxing history….salute to FURY AND WILDER…

  15. Respect for both fighters but I’m tripping out I see you all mad trying to get the ppl to show respect to wilder when wilder him self didn’t want to show respect to fury when the fight ended. And you always hating on canelo how come you can give him his credit sazzz

  16. The corrupt boxing industry beat Wilder. No way in hell a 277lb fighter go through multiple rounds without excessive fatigue. On top of that Fury was busted for using steroids. Busted with tampered gloves. No respect for a cheater.

  17. Man you woke me out of my sleep the way you were going on about wilder man was that a ko or what the best of britches you americans have no answer fury it will take some man to stop him great fight

  18. Fury is just too good. Wilder is a one trick pony and his trick cant put fury to sleep. Wilder acted like a bitch afterwards and embarrassed himself …no class

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