"DON'T TRY AND CHEAT!" Shane McGuigan Reacts To Smith Weigh in Altercation Ahead Of Fowler Showdown

Boxing Social’s Ryan Elliott spoke to Shane McGuigan after the #SmithFowler weigh in.

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46 bình luận trong “"DON'T TRY AND CHEAT!" Shane McGuigan Reacts To Smith Weigh in Altercation Ahead Of Fowler Showdown

  1. Shane is good. Facts he trained frampton to win a world belt. Frampton wasnt same when he left shane. Facts.

  2. This fella is a fantastic trainer 👌 and he's dedication to he's fighter's is evident to see I think AJ should go to him

  3. McGuigan did well in that situation – looking out for his fighter and refusing to be intimidated by Smith's team. The reason why many people are wondering if Fowler can beat Smith is that he's with McGuigan now.

  4. Like when your dad weighed in an the scales were lifted and as a result the opponent passed away #fact.. your dad could have been jailed for it

  5. With all the money these people have have they not got the idea to weigh the boxers shorts before the weighing no need to get in buff on TV

  6. Cheating? Come on Shane, you don't shave weigh by holding a fucking towel. He's done this before. Frampton Quigg, ect. Anyway, Smith made the weight

  7. Shane mcguigan everyone knows what they done to Carl frampton so he is know one to talk about honesty and cheating the turd I hope one of the north end loons gets hold of him Saturday 🙏 he was an arsehole towards Callum in Saudi in the WBSS when he trained groves Shane is just a wrongun a sly disgusting wrongun ask Josh Taylor he left him because the guy has no integrity at all he is vile 👊

  8. Shane’s actually a good trainer IMO…..he trained groves to school Eubanks, trained okolie to a world title and turned him into one of the most exciting fighters ….not something I’d have said after the chamberlain snooze fest! Fair play Shane

  9. Cyclone promotion🤭, put the video with his feet under the scales, I watched it on dazn and didn’t see his feet at all on scales, my opinion you all ripped wilder for cheating excuses, with no proof, of it, so shows us the proof, as I gone and watched it on match room 2 and can’t see show show us Shane because you used the word cheat

  10. Shane is an excellent trainer. Always appreciated his abilities with fighters. Frampton never looked the same after splitting.

  11. Pot kettle black. Love how fast your old man Bazza wanted to settle with Frampton when those 5000 apparently "lost emails" resurfaced. 😉

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