Dominick Cruz on Regrets During Career: ‘How Fast Do I Need to Rush This?’

Dominick Cruz discusses his return against Pedro Munhoz at UFC 269, his relationship with Monster Energy, any regrets in his career, and more.

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30 bình luận trong “Dominick Cruz on Regrets During Career: ‘How Fast Do I Need to Rush This?’

  1. I love Dom Cruz but he still seems bitter about that loss to Triple C , he literally dodged the question and rambled on about usada testing 🤣🤣🤣 this dude should be a politician

  2. He is still suffering from the Cigarette and alcohol he smelt on Keith Peterson dom should just be a prelim fighter not he living rent free in c3 head

  3. Dominic doesn't know how to use the word "botch" properly. Which is funny cause he's so smart. He used it wrong THREE times 🤣🤣🤣 Ariel must've been like wtf is he doing?? Lol

  4. Ariel used the word botched one time and then Dominic starts using the word every other few sentences even when it didn’t fit but he kept trying to use it properly lol

  5. For fans of Cruz’s thoughtful attention to life and his art, check out his interview on the Joe Rogan podcast. The man is worth listening to.

  6. Lost a lot of respect for Dom here. How do you say "It's basic math…I want to climb the ladder to make more money. Pedro is higher in rankings…..
    Sean O'Malley is not ranked…he needs to ask for the shot with Shelby I make the same money no matter what….lol". Come on. Fake AF. Why doesn't Dom just say get ranked or pay me the same?

  7. I think Dom is a smart dude, but what was he talking about when it came to Khabib’s? Khabib wasn’t the best because he never faced a loss and stepped his game up to get a win after?

  8. My favorite analyst and one of my favorite fighters. Geyser of knowledge and hard won experience. One of the best sniper based trash talkers, was always miles ahead of his competitors !

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