Differences Between Muay Thai & Kickboxing + How To Be Great At Both

Many athletes of kickboxing or muay thai cross compete between the 2 sports. They are able to do this because the 2 fight sports are very similar in many ways. BUT to be successful at the highest level in both I believe it’s very important to have 4 specific elements perfected.
In this episode I take you through these points and explain why they are so important if you want to be a muay thai world champion but also a kickboxing world champion.
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0:00 Introduction
0:55 Differences
3:53 My Experience
6:58 Boxing
8:01 Clinch
9:05 Hand Defense
10:02 Throws & Sweeps

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Gabriel Varga

37 bình luận trong “Differences Between Muay Thai & Kickboxing + How To Be Great At Both

  1. Another sick video you the man Gabriel! Many of us here are doing cross disciplines of kickboxing muay thai…

    Think you could do a video detailing Buakaws kickboxing experience vs his muay thai? His style change, results, etc

  2. Hi G.V. THE CLINCH – SWEEP. You mention the clinch as a great training asset which can be taken from Muay Thai, since that isn't a staple of boxing art. The follow on or accessory Sweep is my interest here… not for the technique itself… but for what it says about Muay Thai & kickboxing in general. You show a clip of your sweeping opponents all over the place… really excellent illustrations. Yet this is my point. One, the Muay Thai style & stance is typically rather stilted,,, leading to a very unstable stance against certain attacks. This carries over to kickboxing stemming from boxing stances … and so an assumption about the nature of the fight… which you very successfully exploited. Great lesson.😊

  3. i think its a good thing stop drawn out clinches, its dull, but certainly a sweep is in order.
    about the elbows: would elbow pads stop the slicing ? i would approve of elbows if the face stayed without scars in kickboxing, its no different than gloves

  4. Could you do a video going over combinations and tactics for southpaws? There’s a laundry list of “how to counter southpaws”, but not a lot of in depth videos on tactics and combinations vs orthodox or even other southpaws.

  5. Too much of you talking and not enough video. I'd rather watch example while you talk versus just watching you talk.

  6. Some nak muay have beautiful handfighting I find, especially with 4 oz gloves or in card chuek. Even more impressive with the elbow threat.

  7. I lost my first IKF amateur fight. Modified Muay Thai rules. I got kicked in the balls twice. Didn't matter cause I sucked pretty bad. I'll be back though. Time to go harder.

  8. I wonder if you could do a similar style video with Karate, I know you started off as a Karateka, and become successful so I think ur opinion would be very interesting

  9. I have some experience in Muay Thai I wanna learn more tho to become fully well rounded in all aspects great video 👍thanks for this amazing information

  10. Hello,
    I'm French training in Japan at Ihara dojo with the twin brothers Ebata – it is Japanese kickboxing. What do you think about it ? Isn't it very close to Muay Thai but with some differences ? Can you make a capsule on this subject one day, please ?
    Thank you for your wonderful work !

  11. This video was great….although it was expected you'd suggest that thai fighters improve hands , I'm glad you ALSO suggested that kickboxers improve clinch…. 100 percent agree that both weapons must be refined… I love mixing both in muay thai

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