Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury Trilogy FULL FIGHT recap

Boxing Report 🥊: Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury Trilogy Fight Review by AKHi.


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  1. Wilder Reacts to his KO Loss:
    Wilder Tm catches Fury with manipulator gloves for the Trilogy:
    Floyd Mayweather Responds to Wilder:
    AKHi KO Fury Fan on Glove Gate:
    Andre Ward Sees Red flags 🚩 in Wilder:
    Fury — “I feels ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE”
    Bob says Fury was getting Beat Up in sparring for Wilder Trilogy
    Wilder responds to Fury Testing Positive
    Fury Tested Negative for C-19 5 days after Testing Positive:
    PROOF: Fury NEVER Tested for C—19
    Wilder reaction to Fury testing positive:

    Photo of glove 🥊 by photographer on his website: Proving picture is Real:

    Tyson Fury was getting BEAT UP in sparring prior to testing positive:
    Teo reacts to Fury testing positive for cap 🧢 19
    Fury tested—positive:
    Wilder vs Fury 3 postponed again:
    Fury was forced to Fight Wilder or retire says Frank Warren:
    AKHi KO Fury Fan on Glove Gate:
    Coach a Witness at Fury Camp, said Fury cheated in sparring:
    AKHi KO DCAF on Glove Gate:
    Wilder Checks Jermell Charlo:
    Fury was forced to Fight Wilder or retire says Frank Warren:
    Wilder on Fury Step Aside Claims:
    Stephen A Tells Wilder to allow Fury to Fight AJ:
    Wilder Wins the arbitration case vs Fury:
    Wilder Mediation Blocks Fury Cherry 🍒 picking Kabayly:
    Bob Says there is no mediation & agrees with Eddie that Fury vs AJ is a done deal:
    Bob Says Wilder has no case for Trilogy:
    Deontay Wilder Break His Silence on Tyson Fury Tampered Gloves 🥊
    Tyson Fury on Steroids 💉💉💊?
    WBC Exposed:
    Wilder Team Break their silence on Fury Tampered gloves 🥊

    Tyson Fury Threatens the a 70 year old farmer Carefoot. The same man he paid to lie in court to cover up steroids:

    #AKHiInvestigation PROOFS
    Follow my IG & Feel free to DM me on IG any topic y’all want me to cover next episode or to reserve a spot to Debate me 101 on Split Decision.

    Fury Loaded Gloves during Sparring:
    AKHi Eithers Paulie in 101 Glove Gate Debate:

    PBC prospect Joey Spencer exposing Tyson Fury Tampered Glove vs Deontay Wilder

    Tyson Fury Relinquished his UK 🇬🇧 License to escape Justice:

    Teddy Atlas: Pacquiao more of a cheater than Tyson Fury.
    Teddy Atlas Glove Gate 🥊 KillShot by Akhi:

    Steve Cunningham Displays How Tyson Fury could’ve possibly cheated
    Part:1 of this
    TMT trainer Explain Tyson Fury Glove 🥊 Accusations:

    Tyson Fury Tampered Glove Part 1.
    Non of y’all DCAFs answered any of the questions & even my broski Pro NiMs was speechless during #SplitDecisionEp25 and hand no answers so that proves Tyson Fury is Guilty according to majority.

    Part 2.

    Part 3.

    ESJ The Truth request Max Kellerman & ESPN to talk about this subject & investigate it & more proof
    #Part5 #TMT


    Tyson Fury Relinquished his license in the UK 🇬🇧 :

    Fury Promoter on 70 year old farmer:

    WBC Response to the 70 Years old Farmer.
    World Boxing Corruption

    The 70 year old Farmer CareFoot allegations:

    #SplitDecisionEp26 Tyson Fury Cheating Allegations:

  2. I don't think Wilder was ever a top 2 heavyweight, he hasn't beaten any of the big names of his day. No Klitschko, Povetkin, Joshua, Whyte, Fury. All of those guys would beat him most of the time. Obviously Klitschko and Povetkin are retired now. My point is how can we really say Wilder was 2nd best when others have had better wins than him?

  3. Bruh…whose the MESS on his face…
    Fkn wrought,get your A_SE off the net
    Blah blah blah blah blah 🤣😂😸

  4. Hahaha, still going on about the gloves 🤣 No amount of proof you were wrong is ever going to wise you up, is it?

  5. Round 2: Wilder went back to his old ways. BECAUSE he got hit hard end round 1…! And his BS fell apart.

  6. the pressure, and nervousness drained the man and made his mind go blank….it happens….on top of that the weight of fury took away his legs.

  7. Hahahahahahahahahhahshshshsha hahahahahahaha biased Chanel

    Long live the Gypsy king … Wilders a loser accept it

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