Deontay Wilder suffered a BROKEN HAND in BRUTAL KNOCKOUT loss to Tyson Fury!!

Boxing News: Deontay Wilder suffered a BROKEN HAND in Tyson Fury 3 fight says trainer Malik Scott. #FuryWilder3 #DeontayWilder #TysonFury

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35 bình luận trong “Deontay Wilder suffered a BROKEN HAND in BRUTAL KNOCKOUT loss to Tyson Fury!!

  1. wilder vs AJ, winner gets mike tyson, loser gets hollyfield LOL tyson still gotta little in da tank, hollyfield is running on fumes

  2. Steroids gas you out. I was on them for two years so I know and recognise anybody on them!!! That's why he has so much power and put so much weight on…..and he calls fury a cheat!!!!

  3. I remember hearing Furys corner saying "Set the trap. Set the trap" after the 4th when he had been down. I really wonder what that meant. I'd love to know what that trap really was, in their language

  4. I'm a fury fan but if u get ina fight and someone hit's u on the button u don't have a choice the lights go out…😎🍺

  5. I do believe that Mr. Wilder needs to move on from the fight ring & get into the business world , or else he may be looking at a life of physical problems if he does not !!! so many have suffered this fate , having tried to stretch out a career in such a brutal sport !!!

  6. I like both of these fighters & either man winning was ok with me !!! so ok lets be real , all 3 of these fights has taken a huge toll physically on both men & both men have lost something in there fighting abilities do to these 3 meetings with each other !!! can't wait to see what is left of the FURY in his next big show down & I do mean BIG show down & nothing less !!! A worthy opponent !!!

  7. Let's pretend it was true that he broke his hand, then it might be a sign his bones can't take the power of his punches. If so, what will prevent him from breaking his hand again in future fights? Granted, any other fighter clocked in the 4th round the way Fury was wouldn't have gotten up, and the broken hand wouldn't have been an issue if the fight ended early.

  8. Wilder was not “in shape”. He was stronger and most likely hit harder early in the fight—I saw his energy/power decrease substantially after the first round. Starting round 5 he was breathing heavy and his output went way down. The extra weight contributed to that IMO. Muscle requires a lot more O2–that’s why you got weight lifters that can bench 500 pounds, but cannot run a lap around a track.

  9. How is the Biden Administration involved in fixing Wilders loss? That’s what we really want to know. Do your research!!

  10. I see the excuses are starting …long counts , white privilege, Fury fighting dirty , more glove allegations…..that lot are completely up the elephant n round the castle …they should be certified lol

  11. I cant believe anything this guy says. Even if he did break his hand but after all the bullshit he claimed from the second he shouldnt say anything,just be a man and admit defeat.

  12. They called it during the fight. But that’s the problem when you only have one weapon. What else can you say 🤷…

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