Deontay Wilder RELEASES STATEMENT following BRUTAL KNOCKOUT by Tyson Fury!!

Boxing News: Deontay Wilder RELEASES STATEMENT following BRUTAL KNOCKOUT by Tyson Fury. #FuryWilder3 #TysonFury #DeontayWilder

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26 bình luận trong “Deontay Wilder RELEASES STATEMENT following BRUTAL KNOCKOUT by Tyson Fury!!

  1. I've already seen a video by a Wilder fan boy saying the ref took too long with his 10 count and Fury should have therefore lost in the 4th. Delusional dickheads…

  2. Now they trying to say tyson got a long count . They saying the ref was protecting fury and he should of been counted out . Someone made a video showing 15 seconds went by and the ref was only on 8 seconds .

  3. Shit if u ain't never took a loss then u ain't fight nobody hold your head Champ. Fight another day it was brave .

  4. The truth is tyson fury is not a great boxer he just came at the right eara there's no Lennox Lewis no Evander Mike Tysons there's no real heavy weight boxer so that's why he's where he is tyso. Fury is 6'9 300 pounds he's not a real champion

  5. Wilder ,don't complain. U could have complain about the weight b4 the fight.y xcuse.u childish. Fury is the champion. Good sports man,just congratulations the champion.dont b a bad looser.if u win u will never complain .shut up,ua guy man.

  6. Wilder beat fury 2 times down, for somebody that cannot figt🤣🤣🤣 Wilder is nothing but still talking about him🤣🤣🤣👍👍Malik next time take better care off wilder. Usik will take Fury down, you will see soon! Do not forget 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. The truth is the Deontay Wilder knocked out Tyson Fury and the ref didn't count correctly 13 second knockout

  8. Wilder you need to sue the ref and ring counter the coast you the fight then go after everyone else because they are all in on getting rid of you ,and that's great that you didn't shake nor give that loser Respect another long count 15sec.

  9. first it was a great fight, But if tyson didn't get careless in the 4 round and try not knock wilder out it would've been the same thing as the second fight. tyson is to good of a boxer.

  10. your not going to want to watch fury and usyk fight then…you seen how round 1 went in fury..wilder 3 …Well … that will be EXACTLY what will happen for 12 rounds vs usyk. fury can't in no way shape or form outbox usyk, and he can't knock him out. styles make fights, and usyk will be fury's undoing. What comes around..goes around..unfortunately.

  11. The weight difference is real and for sure learning on him was damaging too. Overall Blacks of today are soft anyway

  12. wilder started his period in the second round and couldn’t stop bleeding. should have waited another week tampon for an excuse what a bitch

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