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  1. Hate watching this clowns videos. Only watched his channel to hear what he was saying after wilder got smashed. Same sh it different day

  2. God damn Wilder can't box for shit. Horrible defense and no boxing IQ or skills. Dude looked tired early. Fury may be heavy but we can clearly see who is the better boxer. Wilder depends on one punch. Fucking horrible boxer.

  3. When it was Mayweather doing those tactics, black folks says it smart. When a white boy do it, it was cheating. TRASH!

  4. These guys are multi-millionaires. They live a life that not many of us will ever see. They don't need validation and self-esteem reinforcement these are grown ass men. He lost a sporting event that he was highly compensated for no more no less.

  5. No you don't understand its more the fact that the philistine occupier hates fury because the fury's have exposed his evil zionism

  6. Ellie, enough of the Wilder talk. Give Fury credit FFS. Twitter got Wilder with their memes. How about talking about that too.

  7. Whites with the clutch win again…
    Y'all ninjas been taking Ls since y'all was destroyed in Africa by Europe 😂😂😂
    Y'all had homecourt advantage then and y'all lost and y'all boy Wilder had homecourt advantage yesterday and y'all lost again 😂😂😂

  8. FURY WON BY KNOCKING WILDER OUT…plain and simple …for years wilder had his fighters cherry picked..reality caught up with him..or a good right hook

  9. Malik is hoping wilder doesn't say he added something in his water like he falsely accused Mark Breland.

  10. He'll say the referee stopped it too early and didn't give him the 9 count. He'll say he was about to get up.

  11. I'm pretty he will depressed now. And pretty sure it's really hard for him to overcome from the depression until his boxing career wil down.

  12. Essie , I second that man, best most emotional fight I have seen in years …… wilder was gassed and fury is an amazing boxer

  13. So if he said it was a great fight and everybody agreed what a great fight it was why he doesn't give Fury his props and respect!

  14. Ellie…. Please stop with his fan-boy nonsense. Your coverage is so one-sided. You would think that Fury was not even fighting the way you only focused on Wilder pre fight, fight-night and post fight. Geez Ellie.

  15. No respect for wilder he's a sore loser…can't even shake tyson hand after…glad he got whooped…hear comes the excuses from him later.

  16. This one of the most garbage weakest fight I ever seen there one man who knows how to box and land and wilder who relys on one punch that sucks wilder was tryna set up his one hit wonder the whole fight while getting outboxed and roughed up keep it a buck who ever said this fight was good there dicc riding nobody gon speak the truth on how the fight really was

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