David Price officially announces his retirement from boxing at the age of 38

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David Price has confirmed he has retired from professional boxing at the age 38 and gives his reasons why.

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40 bình luận trong “David Price officially announces his retirement from boxing at the age of 38

  1. True Gentleman in John Fury being so complimentary to David Price and his Career after Price beat Tyson in the amateurs many moons ago. That was amateurs and Tyson had come on leaps and bounds sinse. Glad price had retired and I agere with John that he's made the right decision. So close against Povetkin but the end result was a horrible horrible KO loss and cant take too many of them. Right choice for big fella, such a down to earth Scouse that i don't think anyone would want to see his health suffer long term cause he had that one too many.

  2. for me it's not the Povetkin, but the 2 Thompson fight which ended him especially the immediate rematch

  3. John Fury please go into motivational speaking.

    David Price has had a bloody good career but he must of walked away from this interview on cloud nine and top of the world.

  4. Honestly this is a disgrace.
    There is a petrol shortage and these idiots who run this channel are deciding to film the show on a running bus.

  5. Shame Pricey just froze stupid when he took a half decent punch. He looked a World beater for a while. Good luck Pricey …. top geezer.

  6. Big respect for David Price , glad he's retired with everything intact and isn't having to fight for money anymore.

  7. He did look a class above when he was disposing of the British heavyweights. Probably should have taken a few fights before taking on a Tony Thompson. It was quite a step up and he had been used to just steamrollering opponents before he came up against a solid opponent.

  8. First 3 losses all against proven drug cheats, sad to think what could have been if hadn't endured those unfair defeats

  9. Top geezer David Price and showed great determination each time he dusted himself down after a defeat.
    Did not have the career he wanted but still had some great nights.
    Best of luck to him and he is a great pundit so will do well in media.

  10. If he had forgotten the 2nd Thomson fight he would have been very successful .retirement is the best news for me,I was watching his fight with one eye shut.retire with your health.nice guy wish him the very best in whatever steps he takes.don't fight.

  11. At the age of 38 and the horrible losses he has had in his career, I think he made a sensible decision retiring. He’s in a good health and I’m sure he’s made a Bob or two in his career. A chance for him to work on the media side.

    David Price to me was the boxer we all said ‘oh pricey not again, dear oh dear’. Spent most of his career on the canvas!🤦‍♂️

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