Dana White gives his prediction for Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder trilogy, Aljo planning 2022 return

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UFC VEGAS 39 Weigh-ins face off,

Jan Blachowicz completes his cardio-camp,

Aljo planning early 2022 return,

Sean Strickland sparring hard,

RDA gives a health update,

Hector Lombard responds to Jake Paul’s side piece,

Dana White makes his pick for Fury vs Wilder 3,

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46 bình luận trong “Dana White gives his prediction for Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder trilogy, Aljo planning 2022 return

  1. I feel like Strickland is the next War Machine, can't recall off the top of my head but he's said some borderline sociopathic shit in interviews and he seems intent on becoming a CTE zombie.

  2. damn nobody respect woodley no more he had one job just beat jake paul even by a little bit and his stock and respect would be up but naw

  3. theres no way aljamain is going to "defend" his fake belt, when yan gets the belt back there are so many better fights to make, without aljamain, he should be stripped and its going to be the best and well deserved title strip in the ufc history.

  4. Tyson Fury wrecks AJ, Usyk, Wilder, Ruiz Jr, Ngannou, and Gane (even with MMA Rules)….Stipe and Jon Jones have a chance with MMA rules.

  5. Also is so Dumb. Posting pictures like that right after rejecting a fight using excuse such as recovering…..

  6. sterling really thinks his nerves from the surgery will just go away by 2022?… yea ok bud, don't think he realizes its never going to go away, after a surgery like his

  7. I think Aljo is planning on a return when Yan is retired. Until then I’m guess we’ll mostly just get injuries and excuses out of him

  8. Lombard and all these MMA guys need to put some respect on Pauls name, how is he pathetic? he beat a future potential UFC hall of famer with like a couple years boxing training. lol how is that pathetic?

  9. still cant believe Woodley didnt know who J Leon Love was lmao…Lombard and all these UFC fighters are just so weak minded, how is Jake pathetic? he beat Woodley easily with barely any years of training behind him….respect this man

  10. J'Leon Love – I've been the champ. I did that already. I've got my belt.
    Me – You have never been the champ. You are however a drug cheat.

  11. Strickland – Such a tough bastard. He must have to drain testosterone from his man pipe following such a hard sparring session.

  12. I thought "Thank God, Strickland was in therapy!". Well for fu…cks sake it wasn't a psychiatrist…. WTF Sean?!

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