Dan Rafael REACTS to Tyson Fury's Sensational 11th Round KO Win Against Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas

Boxing Social’s Andi Purewal spoke to Dan Rafael following Tyson Fury’s eleventh round TKO win over Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas. #FuryWilder3

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36 bình luận trong “Dan Rafael REACTS to Tyson Fury's Sensational 11th Round KO Win Against Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas

  1. Times like this I missed the Late Great Bert Sugar… Thank goodness for Dan Rafael another true legend of the sports of 🥊🥊🥊🥊

  2. . . . how does that dude know what sex is? Look at the gob on that dude, can't even be bothered to shave one of his chins

  3. I didn’t think it was as good as they are making out!! Fury was below par tbh, went away from even coming in behind a jab for a while

  4. Wilder looked out on his behind from round 5. He won round 4 & maybe 1, otherwise, Fury slaughtered him. Th doctor was in twice looking at Wilder for crying out loud. It's not an all time classic. Wilder isn't good enough for it to be in that class.

  5. Corrales v castillo was in a different league to Fury v wilder 3.As great as Fury's win was,the corrales fight was on another planet.

  6. Great fight – both fighters deserve credit. They should have done it in uk so both sets of fans could have been there. 100k in Wembley would have been a madness.

  7. There's no way that fight was better than AJ v Vlad..not a chance, good fight with zero skill , both blowing after 5 rounds..wilder had terrible game plan ,

  8. I normally agree with Dan, but, to be fair to Wilder he was actually starting to sit up and get up when the ref waived it off…I mean the fight was OVER and rightfully stopped, but Wilder was getting up before 10…ref probably saved his life there because he would fight until the end…what a great heart he has…

  9. Classic fight one of the best watched live edge of the seat tension and pure action start to finish true show of heart getting off the floor multiple times. The history has been written happy Tyson put a deserved stamp of ownership on the trilogy and finished it in devastating fashion no excuses. Wilder went out on his shield like a warrior but needs to accept the truth could of gained major respect embracing tysons sportsmanship after the fight.

  10. Non sense . This was a one sided bout, with Fury getting sloppy, for a brief moment, in one round. Fury was never in trouble. Wilder, nearly died.. again.

  11. I'd never be one of these "if you haven't boxed, you can't have a view" guys, but it always amazes me that Dan Rafael speaks with authority on boxing. The only box he's ever seen is a chocolate box. It just seems wrong, pro athletes being critiqued by a guy who hasn't seen his chopper since 1987.

  12. Really interesting content but Dan Rafael needs to get some dandruff shampoo. Seriously look at the dude shoulders and chest. He's just like he's not wearing a black shirt.

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