13 bình luận trong “Crawford & Danny Garcia Reaction To Wilder Vs Fury 3 EsNews Boxing

  1. Yooo it looks Tyson Fury didnt make the 10 count on his second knock down in the 4th round. The ref slowed down the count like crazy after 5. 🤔

  2. WOW, COMPLETLY IGNORED BY CRAWFORD!!! Ah ah ah ah love Crawford even more. i’m sure he knows you’re just a wilders fan and totally unbiased.

  3. Lmao the white lil boy in the beginning getting all the fighters pictures dont blame him I would do the same thing

  4. If fury beats usyk he should just call it done and retire because there's no one else Andy Ruiz lost a couple of times AJ lost a couple of times Wilder is finished mentally and he already beat him three times who's left

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