Conor McGregor RESPONDS to Kamaru Usman STEALING his lines! Henry Cejudo teases RETURN! Jon Jones

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00:00 – Henry Cejudo teases possibility of his return to MMA on his Instagram
00:27 – Kamaru Usman did an interview where he used one of McGregor’s lines, McGregor responds
01:05 – Aljamain Sterling responds to Cory Sandhagen saying if he defeats Yan he will feel like the champ
02:22 – Chael Sonnen believes the UFC is punishing Jon Jones by keeping him under contract
03:06 – Mighty Mouse discusses being finished for the first time his his recent fight against Adriano Moraes
04:59 – Aspen Ladd’s coach and Miesha Tate recently got into it on Twitter
05:50 – Herb Dean defends his call to NOT stop the fight between Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega
07:25 – Top Comments

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37 bình luận trong “Conor McGregor RESPONDS to Kamaru Usman STEALING his lines! Henry Cejudo teases RETURN! Jon Jones

  1. Henry Cejudo messed up when he said that "he deserved'' to jump the line. The boss man decides who deserves it and if Henry really wanted to show his commitment to the goal then he needs to counter offer and take a top contender fight where winner gets the title shot. Then and only then would I begin to take interest….. If I was the boss lol.

  2. the way Aspen Ladd blames her weight misses on her period is honestly disgusting. She makes women look bad. No longer a fan.

  3. I love the positivity. I’ve been in the worst slump of my life (can’t do 20 push-ups lately) and this just motivated me to try and get back in the gym. Jon shouldn’t be cut. He’s the goat. His personal life should be private. They should talk to him and ask what’s going on before dropping a nuke on him. Also Henry got Olympic gold AND double champ status. Of course he should only fight for Gold. I can’t think of anyone that has more accomplishments… but maybe no one man should have all that Gold. It’s not natural!

  4. From "Green Panty Night" to cases like this one. And Green Panties??? WOW… It often makes me cringe when he talks. He wont accept that he is not that cool guy outside the ring and then looks like a fake even when he is not stealing anyones lines.

  5. Canelo Alvarez are you being serious? Hopefully he’s not being serious!
    Canelo would beat you like a cheap rug! That’s super hilarious Usman vs Canelo Alvarez! You don’t want that heat my friend you can’t wrestle in a boxing match and hopefully you don’t really think you can out box the best in the world in boxing!
    And Corey you don’t honestly think you are going to beat Petr Yan right? And how would a win on Petr be some kind of comeback from the Sterling fight? Sterling was getting his ass handed to him before bitching out and taking the disqualification Lmbo You won’t win a single round! I don’t think you will win a single exchange! I’m so sure I might bet the farm on it!

  6. It's funny. Herb basically used the "letting them be a warrior" excuse, but we accept it. It's all in the delivery. It's crazy how we look at 2 similar things so differently 😂

  7. Everytime Usman is copying McGregor ., Like seriously…Who The Fook Is This Guy , It's Just Business…!! Lol The Owl…!!

  8. Usman talking about canelo I swear these guys really are smoking some meth and just getting super geeked up and just talk whatever comes to mind real quick

  9. Herb dean never admits when he did wrong. Always excuses that contradict eachother. Ortega was yanked up by his team

  10. Right off the bat, Dana White has done crazier and made crazier fights than Cejudo vs Volk… I don't think it'd turn out like Cejudo vs Dillashaw… Not at all. I actually believe this would be A GREAT fight… I would most definitely watch it and I hardly buy ppv fights anymore because they're expensive… But I think if they thru a couple top 5 fights on the rest of the card, I would buy. I don't know why Dana would want to turn this down besides him maybe not liking Cejudo. I don't either, but he is a monster in the octagon…

  11. Henri looking for that big pay day, i dont see him beating volk but a slight possibility his speed and foot work could get him the win on points.

  12. Conor: Everyone look! Kamaru is stealing my line! My line is your husband!
    Kamaru Usman: Who? Who the fook is that guy??? 😂😂😂

  13. I can't see the Alex vs Henry fight happening, if Henry gets the fight and wins , you can't guarantee he will stay and keep fighting

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