Chuck Liddell ARRESTED! (FOOTAGE) Israel Adesanya LIVE REACTION to Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder!

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00:00 – Israel Adesanya reacts to Deontay Wilder dropping Tyson Fury
00:33 – Chuck Liddell has been arrested for domestic violence
01:49 – Islam Makhachev trolls Justin Gaethje in response to his recent comments
02:17 – Georges St-Pierre weighs in on the performance of Nick Diaz at UFC 266
02:41 – Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen post some sparring footage
03:43 – Demetrious Johnson says Alexander Volkanovski beats Henry Cejudo
04:38 – Dustin Poirier uploads some new training footage to his social media
05:03 – Josh Thompson talks his recent comments about MMA media, explains how media knows the sport
06:44 – Top Comments

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45 bình luận trong “Chuck Liddell ARRESTED! (FOOTAGE) Israel Adesanya LIVE REACTION to Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder!

  1. Chuck is a roided up bully. Simple. You think his wife arrived home chuck in his apron at the stove and she comes in and goes "TUNA! AGAIN!!!!" And just started wailng on him. Come along now. He could have restrained her very, very, very easily without a mark on him. That is if he wasn't a roided up bully. Simple

  2. GSP said Nick Diaz left a lot of money on the table? Wasn't Diaz suspended by USADA for weed? Or am I missing something here?

  3. the media are a big part of the popularity of MMA or at least the continuation of popularity with the masses. Honestly without Joe Rogan commentating all those years i reckon UFC would not ever of got so large, so quick, or it might of, but Joe Rogan really does teach the sport as hes commentating in a way and is interesting to listen to or at least gets people EXCITED to watch the fights, that may never of been interested in MMA before. I think IZZY will go into a media role after his fighting career, that will be great and Dan Hardy already weighing in on fights for the media is great to.

  4. First mayhem Miller, then jon jones, now chuck, what is up with these ufc fighters beating up their wives and family

  5. Agree with Josh 1000% about guys like Ariel who report on a sport they’ve never participated. Kinda hard to listen to the guy. I prefer fight coverage by current or past fighters. Media is a good way for fighters to stay involved long after retirement.

  6. I like Callen less so that was quite funny to see him reminded he's not some crazy fighter 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. They need to get someone with hair in his chest to do these interviews dude looks like he doing a school paper

  8. The MMA Media 🐐 is Full Mount MMA. I never miss an episode and I love the monotone voice over guy lol

  9. Damn… Another domestic violence arrest of a MMA fighter??? These guys need to lock themselves in their Man Caves to avoid all the drama. Lol

  10. Truth is most of the folks blowing their horns here are probably doing worse. Jon and Chuck are human, hello.

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