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  1. I am looking forward to see your new approach on boxing videos in general, I have always liked your videos ever since I came across your channel about 16 months ago, all of your subscribers understand where you are coming from when you say that you are not enjoying it anymore, I write guitar music but when it becomes a chore I take a time out, I know exactly how you feel about the situation because it can quickly turn from a love to a chore, just focus on enjoying what you are doing everything else will just fall into place, we all need a change sometimes, and believe me I am speaking for everyone when I say "we understand"

    You stated that the Lives saved you although I enjoy listening to your fight breakdowns (because you actually know what you are talking about) A lot of your viewers like the lives because of the "we can disagree but I don't want to argue" approach, an opinionated argument is practically worthless, but you can disagree and bring constructive points forward as to why you have drawn out an opinion on certain matters, its a constructive chat that feeds off itself, we all enjoy it Mark, you might not think of it as content but it is content, it also helps boxing if you agree with me or not, you led me to a barn burner last year that I probably would never have seen otherwise.


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