"BRUTAL! – WILDER WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!" Kevin Barry Reacts to Tyson Fury KO of Deontay Wilder

Boxing Social’s Rob Tebbutt spoke to renowned trainer Kevin Barry following Tyson Fury’s knockout win over Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas…

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  1. Talk about stepping over an Opponent, Otto Wallin is not an afterthought, he could well beat Whyte a boxer that has not fought any real elite opponents and was put to sleep by a man in his fourites, Povetkin.

  2. Kevin Barry should certainly be a
    pundit as his analysis is on point 👉

  3. The third fight clearly demonstrates how Mark Breland was absolutely correct to pull Wilder out in the seventh round in the second fight. In this third fight, particularly after round seven, Wilder took too many punches to the head. The right hands in the tenth and eleventh still make my blood run cold.

  4. I’m just pissed that we aren’t getting the great fights we should be getting. Fury vs AJ vs Usyk Vs Ruiz vs Wilder. Just switch the contenders every 2 months. Don’t get them when they are all injured & slowed down.

  5. Wilder's decision to give fury a title shot has proved disastrous .He thought he would get a fury on the slide after losing 9 stone,out of the ring for years and suffering with mental health issues but it backfired spectacularly.Fury beat wilder in all aspects.mentally,physically and technically.

  6. I think everyone saying wilder ain’t gonna be the same again is BS.. a couple k.o’s doesn’t end a career…. he only lost to one man… I think he should carry fighting build on his stamina and go for the title again… either go down the route of getting the other belts and go for the undisputed with Tyson again… I actually seen a lot of improvement in wilder I was shocked

  7. Seeing loads saying respect to Wilder NO he gets zero from me. All the excuses after the 2nd fight and then Scott stating in a interview that they still believe he cheated that's what his legacy should be remembered for

  8. Wilder will be more vicious now. He will be hard to beat because in every fight after that one he going in with a chip on his shoulders. Only one man beat him no other could and now will not I grantee. He will be champ again don't count Wilder out he will be back. He might not win it back from Fury it could be from someone else who drops him. Usky might beat him and if he might give Wilder another shot. Like it or not Wilder is still the hardest hitting pound for pound fighter he might have moved to the back of the line but not to far back. One the I do know this is gone bother this man he will want to fight Fury again even if it's not for the title. We will see a fourth fight I truly believe that. He has to prove to hisself he can whip this man.

  9. If you're 40 pounds heavier, longer arms, 2 inches taller, than your opponent you have the overwhelming majority of the natural advantages. It makes your job easier to win. Fury is also a skilled boxer. But the secret to his success is his size just like it was for Wladimir Klitschko.
    Fury's propensity to fight dirty also gave him a distinct advantage. Nothing less nothing more.
    But, unfortunately, there would always be an asterisk to Fury's name because he is a proven drug cheater.

  10. Losing to Fury is no embarrassment, Fury is probably one of the best heavyweights ever. However blaming everyone and everything except yourself for losing a boxing match is extremely childish and embarrassing..

  11. Referee should not have stopped it. Wilder could have kept going and he could have won. He was robbed again!! 🙂

  12. "How do you see the matchup going with Usyk and fury?"
    "Bla bla bla everything except the answer"

  13. Tyson at that age is dangerous, if wilder couldn't handle Tyson, then he definitely didn't have no chance against Anthony Joshua. That man joshua has frightening MMA FIGHTER Francis Nagonu 😳 KO POWER. Yall should watch them uppercut joshua be throwing. Especially what he did to klitchko or what his name his.

  14. Wilder got beat up all three trilogies. He's should leave Tyson alone. Let him indefinitely keep them belts. Tyson vs jab, counterpuncher Alexander Uysk

  15. Yeah people say Tyson had tampered gloves but ok 👌 here we are at the 3 fight and wilder gets knocked out and his gloves was chosen for him, Tyson didn't get to even chose gloves 🙄

  16. Tyson close to Passing Lewis as best 🇬🇧 heavyweight. I just can't go there yet.
    The opponents Lewis was fighting were just better.

  17. Bet they hide CT scan too Because he definitely had brain trauma from rd7 to rd11.
    Fury looked rusty but still controlled fight from 6th on and wilder gassed out

  18. Wilder should not return to box. He should take time to reinvent himself, come back as a Wise-Man with great things to say about the game. Cultivate that side and he would make make more money in the long-run. Let him do a George Forman turnaround, only quicker and with a bit of hot-sauce. Absolutely every station, channel, product manufacturer will pay him handsomely. Keep his health now, for his family.

  19. Wilder talks all the warrior bullshit but simply does not know how to be one…disrespectful and gutless..i hope he retires

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  21. Wilder most likely will never be the same. NOT due to skill or talent. His issues are all going to psychological. Also the more punishment he takes at the hands of Fury 3x……is going to have payments demanded in the future. I literally thought the fight should have been stopped in round 8, I understand why it wasn't. ("just another excuse" was most likely #1 on that list, from both camps)

    Tyson got knocked down twice. He didn't look knocked down in the same way though. Whether he allowed it or just dealt with it? I don't know. He literally looked fully conscious both times. It almost seemed to be a strategy.

  22. Guys been there and done it, Olympic Light Heavyweight Silver Medalist, beating maybe a little controversy Holyfield on the way. Plus coached a Heavy Weight Champion. Wise Man!

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