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  1. The only reason Fury was leaning on Wilder is that Wilder kept ducking his head in the clinch Blame yourself Loser!

  2. This was a great explanation of the fight. I don’t know anything about boxing but I loved this trilogy. Thanks for explaining it.

  3. Not only did these 2 men give us a great night of boxing it was a fight that will live on. It will be mentioned forever. The stakes involved, the bad blood, the heart, the skill…. It was amazing

  4. Keep your mouth shut, be go enjoy your well earned money with you lovely family. Take defeat like a man. Sail off into the sunset a very wealthy man… God bless

  5. Come on Wilder! Take your ass-kicking like a Man, Tyson got your number, and once again, he dialed in on his ass.

  6. EXCUSES, Wilder had Fury and couldn't finished the job. The real Champ can get up and finish the fight. Fury is the Champ and you should show respect…🤠TEXAS

  7. Fury got up from dat punch 3 fights . Wilder has no defense. Dnt kno how to protect his head. Every punch to tha head from fury we saw his soul leave him. He put on to much muscle up top And not enough on his legs. He was tired after tha 2nd round. He changed tha body punches. He failed.!! His trainer failed also.. he lost end of story fair and square. Great fight! But he cnt beat fury wnt beat him until he really learns boxin

  8. He has power but don't know how to set it up…when the fight started and he was overreaching trying to get body shots he could have been stuck coming in undefended….he has no good jab,not a stinging one or one to set distance…he has no ring presence either…not an all around boxer just like his name implies,he gets in there and loads up for a "wild" haymaker

  9. Great video. Wilder has heart ❤ I believe if Wilder would have continued to Jab him like he did in the first 2 rounds. Wilder looked fatigue out of breath. I think Wilder was to heavy. Fury was just the smarter fighter.

  10. Wilder u were beaten fairly, quit winning and accept defeat. You did your best but it wasn't good enough. Fury is a better and more skillful fighter than you're

  11. It was Wilder job too be prepared for any scenario. It was his job to stop Tyson from applying his game plan.Cant stand the fact Wilder's such a poor loser whose willing too discredit make exuse lie assionate someone's character cause he loss.

  12. Point blank he thought he was conditioned enough but it wasn’t he got tired trainer great but could use another that focus on skill footwork and stamina

  13. Didn’t Wilder say he’s bench pressing 350 so he can easily push/lift Fury. This guy just doesn’t know how to accept defeat

  14. Wilder displayed incredible heart on Saturday. Was never a big fan, but he won me over that night. It's a shame he acted like a sore loser. I think the only fight he has on the docket now is Anthony Joshua. Especially since the both lost, I think they need eachother. There's still interest there.

  15. All wilder tried to do was load up that right constantly…he has nothing but that..thats not a boxer thats a one trick pony! Get him out of here allready!!

  16. Your right brother I’m his fan now
    He’s not avoiding top competition and calling him self the best like gay weather

  17. Wilder redeemed himself in my eyes. They put on a good show. I haven't seen a fight in the heavyweight division that good since the 90s. That fight was better than AJ , and Usyk. That fight was weak as hell.

  18. Sometimes a puncher looks for a KO but it never comes while the boxer outsmarts you and racks up points, i think Deontay had a good plan but it went out of the window after the first few rounds. Respect to both warriors though.

  19. Wilder should've worked on his speed and conditioning to prepare for this fight. He was fatigue very early and I think Fury took it kind of easy on him in the last two rounds to be honest.

  20. I was disappointed only in the fact were was Wilders defense an head movement why the reff gave a non disciplinary warning in the 6th round on the headlock and holding but Fury keep doing it the rest of the fight tho Wilder has heart an pride an he went out on his Shield i just didnt like the damage he took his defense was lacking the hole fight

  21. Wilder is coming out with the usual excuses, time he manned up and congratulated Tyson on his win, but we all know that will never happen sore loser, Wilder was doing his leaning otherwise he would have fell over the ref put his hands on fury more than wilder ever did in three fights.

  22. Excuses excuses excuses if you thought he was too heavy you shouldn't have took the fight. He beat your ass totally embarrassing

  23. This guy has some of the best analysis on line… ill only add that Deontay also made a mistake of adding too much muscle up top. Wilder needs to change his conditioning regime and add more strength and power between the hips and thighs. He needs to drop about 15 lbs up top and he needs to add 10 lbs at the hips and thighs. You cant go in a fight with those twigs down bottom. Of course the truth is that Fury's conditioning strategy is also flawed. Both of these guys if they had to face a legitimate athletic bob and weave power puncher are going to be in trouble. Iron Mike or Joe Frazier would give either one of these guys trouble.

  24. Fury been strongman training and that weight burned Wilder out plus he was wearing muscles that you have to be comfortable with to use them. Overall excellent fight Great referee don't forget him and we couldn't be more proud of the BOMBER. We're making him an honorary marine for only the brave steps into battle and fight to the end. Bomb Squad warrior division

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