BREAKING: Nate Diaz will LEAVE the UFC after his NEXT and FINAL bout, TJ Dillashaw on his title bout

Nate Diaz could retire from UFC after his next bout, Nate Diaz praises Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder 3 full fight result, TJ Dillashaw claims, that the UFC promotion promissed him the next title fight against Petr Yan vs. Cory Sandhagen, Conor McGregor reveals his new Yacht and much more!

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46 bình luận trong “BREAKING: Nate Diaz will LEAVE the UFC after his NEXT and FINAL bout, TJ Dillashaw on his title bout

  1. I like how conor isn't even talked about anymore. We see clips of conor yet we dgaf. I guess the guy had it coming after so many dumb choices as a human being he made in life. I don't care how rich he is, people appreciate more the humanity and not the richness.

  2. Nates always been a different type of guy! 💯 always been himself and no fucks giving he’s got a bright future of ahead of him

  3. Yeah!!!! I've always believed to Diaz bros should start a promotion of some kind!!! Solid. Just saw Nick's return 5th row at 266… Will be at Nate's exit up front too…for sure. Cool

  4. Smart move..get that thriller money.. he can make 5 -10 million on 1 fight

    He got plenty of takers
    .Jake Paul lickin his chops!!

  5. Nate got his ass beat and got a lucky punch in the last round and some kind of crazy way…. white people…his stock went up.
    Leon won but his stock went down…. smh mma fans are wild

  6. nate is a pretty smart and clever dude i think he will resign with the ufc after he goes and has a boxing match or two most likely against either logan paul or jake i think logan paul would be nates best option and on a totally different matter can anyone help me campaign to get jessy jess rose clark to have a fight before the end of the year now that she's way over and past rehab on her knee i feel like fans of the ufc girl fighters are getting withdrawal symptoms fro,m missing her i think she's be a perfect fight for marinana rodrigez who just beat mckenzie dern and jessy jess rose clark is more than capable of winnimng in my opinion because any girl below the top two in any devision with or without rank is talented enough to mix it up with any girl ranked three or less because in my opinion the top two ranked in all the girls divvies are the elite examples of what is needed to beat a champ they are so dominant that they make the rest of the divvy look like they are years from reaching the elite competative level needed to win a title from the current champs please any of you media people in the u.s can you please find jessy jess rose clark and get an update on where she's at in regards to signing a contract to fight so that us aussie blokes and chicky babes have a date to look forward to on the mma calender to get a fix of our home girl fighting either she's gone awol or is in hiding learning new moves out of the public eye away from prying eyes etc etc coz it's as if she's dropped off the face of the earth since she done her knee and it seems as though she has healed because she hasn't been giving us any update reports for months and months now i hope she's still signed and contracted to fight in the ufc because she's a thick solid wrecking machine and sexy to boot and the ufc needs to promote her more and better and at thew very least the ufc needs to get her cage side so that she gets the itch to fight and so that we get to see her as a mma identity repping australian womans mma er um hmm please ariel halwani or any of you mma media reporting video makers seek her find her find out where she's at and what her situation is please

  7. Nate V Conor 3 for a retirement fight?? I’d say that’s a good way to end his time in the UFC. A legendary trilogy.

  8. Nate, you are a warrior. You and your brother. I'll always support what you guys do. You put everybody on notice and made history. Made me the super fan I am. Thanks for all the wars. Can't wait for the future!

  9. Don't do celebrity boxing…people have no respect for themselves anymore and will do anything for the mighty dollar…not right at all.

  10. Wow, Nate is doing so well, and Nick, my idol is not 😭 My poor sweet baby seems to have lost his MOJO. I hope Nick recharges his batteries and disappears away from the watchful eye of the spotlight. May he thrive in life. Cheers to Nate!!

  11. I’m watching wat ever fight nate is involved in real O.G of the game, he turns up every time and win or lose its alway a good fight

  12. the guy with the green hair that made his debut against o'malley few months ago had a better peformance than Nate in his last 2 or 3 fights lmao

  13. and nate never would've finished Edwards because he's not a finisher unless its by submission and he had no time for that

  14. he may not have n choice but to retire esp if he goes another 25 mins of getting beat up & dominated like he has in his last 40 mins in the octagon, brain & body can only take so much damage lol

  15. I really want to see Nate vs lawler for his last fight or Nate vs Anderson Silva in boxing after both revenge for Nick

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