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  1. All you armchair generals have no idea what you are looking at. "Natural born killer" he is more concerned with his hair, believe me this guy will decimate the top tier like a fox in a hen house.

  2. I like the fact that he uses body punches. A lot of fighters today don't realize how important a tool body shots are. A well placed body shot on the arms tires out the arm. In the sternum and/or diaphragm and the swelling takes away a fighters ability to take in air. Without air, the fighter tires faster and is more susceptible to either giving up, passing out or getting knocked out.
    And by far one of the most dangerous punches in combat sports……the Liver Shot. A single well placed shot to the liver puts your opponent in absolute agony. Not since Cotto and not Nikita Ababiy, do I see fighter that put in real effort to body work.

  3. Just watched him for the first time. Very impressed and I'm gona keep my eye on this kid. Look how he puts his power in them body shots Turing his hips. Well done young man. Hope you go far!

  4. He packs a punch, but with that technique he won't last long against the big boys.
    Still he has a ton of potential, I wish him the best.

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