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  1. Lots of school dropouts here are making oafish comments about some great American  fighters. George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Muhammed Ali, Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson; whites Jerry Quarry, George Chuvalo… all of these and more, like Rocky Marciano and Archie Moore, these men would have torn these East European guys you're talking about apart. Wake up and smell the school bell, boys. Our bright young men have seen what boxing did to Muhammed Ali. No Alzheimers for them. They can make money in other ways… "Heart" is the last gasp of the unemployed and drug-addicted.

  2. What an odd statement. Most of the phenomena you cite are Jewish power-over-the-media effects, and reflect Jewish desires, not White desires, as such. "Want the president to be black" is just a silly statement when you look at the facts for half a moment.

  3. We haven't seen Klitschko's tire out in years. The athletes elsewhere got bigger? Well so did the boxers. The Klitschko's make all the competition look second rate at best. Maybe the guys you mention, would give them good competition, but to be so sure they would beat the K2 bros. is ridiculous. And what are you talking about them being slow. The K2 brothers have superior hand speed to everyone they fight? For guys their size it's incredible how fact their hands are.

  4. You obviously underestimate Wlad's overall athleticism. The heavyweights today may not move like any of the people you described (with the exception of the Klitschko's), but the heavyweights today sure as hell would hit harder. The boxer's today are a lot bigger for their height, weight, than the football players. The football players bulk up a lot of weight through weight training, boxers don't, that's all natural weight. Wlad would've been 300 pounds if he was a football player too.

  5. All pale in comparison to the K2, Pulev, and Povetkin. So if Haye gets beat what would your argument be then? Dawson would get put to rest if he ever fought Kovalev, or Gennady Golovkin at 168. Not much power or chin to speak of. He would be easy work. Ali weighed in usually at 215 when he fought compared to the the average heavyweight which weighs 240, or 250 nowadays. Ali would have been a good cruiserweight along with all the other heavyweights of his time but not now. Way too small.

  6. You must obviously have very poor reading comprehension skills. I said athletes in general (including boxing) were payed much less back in the day than they are now. Even boxers. All athletes are paid more now. Most elite boxers nowadays get paid more than football players, or Basketball players. Paulie Malignaggi got paid over 1 million dollars to fight Broner and he's no where near elite. BOXING PAYS MORE! It has always been like this. That's a shitty argument to use.

  7. Athletes are paid much more nowadays anyway. Muhammad Ali made 50 million in his whole career while Floyd makes almost that much today in just one fight. Even when adjusted for inflation Floyd still makes more money. Sports today have much more prominence in the media. The highest paid athletes in the world are boxers. Football and Basketball don't cater to all sizes, but boxing does, and yet we see an influx of white fighters in all weight classes surly but slowly. Even the lower ones.

  8. It's not all Americans my friend. I'm an Albanian immigrant from Italy who has lived here since I four years old, and I love everything the the K2 brothers have been doing along with all the other European boxers claiming what's rightfully ours. It's only self hating Anti-White liberals that cling on to this fantasy of black superiority.

  9. It would almost appear that way about the black man but that seems to be an agenda pushed by the U.S. media for some reason. As for myself, I couldn't be happier that the East Europeans are making names for themselves in the boxing world. You'll find that this attitude is shared by many here in the U.S. if truth be told which, it probably won't.

  10. There is a reason why America was called land of the opportunity. Freedom to spread what ever culture you want. Thus, America has no culture, but a mixture. Thats also a reason why America dosen't have one race like Europe and Asia, we like to be different. And for the idiots who go blant out and call America the retarded county, you just made yourself look like a hypocrite and dumb. Every country has its positivie sides, and negative side. Now why everyone likes the gang up on U.S. no clue.

  11. It seems that Russians actually give a shit about their culture, and race. They don't just throw it away like we're expected to do in America.

  12. Don't go hatin' brother. Not everyone here in the U.S. agrees with what the U.S. government is doing. Most of those who do, are brainwashed by the media. The media is the tool of the elite. If you're from an Eastern European country, you've got to know what propaganda is from personal experience. A lot of us in the U.S. do too. The propoganda we are exposed to is just as prevasive and effective. We, the common people of the world, need to quit fighting each other.

  13. Question? Could this be why the US media stopped discussing heavyweight boxing in 2004 when Whites began to win?

  14. To all you White Nationalists! Google these names: LEXINGTON STEELE!! MANDINGO! JACK NAPIER!! Bahahaha! now weep you insecure half sissys 😉

  15. Absolutely right 5113Girish. You can extend that brainwashing that you're speaking of to gender as well in the U.S. In our public schools, being male is treated as a sickness, something to be cured. The attitudes that we as men are left with, in combination with the culture that we have created, have left us weak and insecure and, increasingly angry.

  16. Believe me, B7432, it is not true that American Whites want the black man to dominate everything. Over the years, our expansive, pervasive and intrusive media has managed to convince the white man in the U.S. that he is inferior to the black man in many ways. Music, rapping, sports and so on. Those areas where whites clearly excell over the black, that is intelligence, achievement and so on, is given little notice, claimed not to be true or, must be a result of racial descrimination.

  17. I agree with you. My observation is most American whites want the black man to dominate everything. They want all quarterbacks in the NFL to be black. They want the president to be black. They loved heavyweight boxing until the Klitschkos and the eastern europeans took control of the division. Suddenly, white Americans don't care about heavyweight boxing. White Americans are always promoting their 'Great Black Hope' in sports and politics. Happy the Russians own America in boxing and space.

  18. LOL James Toney couldn't take little Randy Couture whos like a nobody in MMA down. match lasted 10 seconds.

  19. Also, yeah MMA fighters (good ones) would destroy boxers. Love to see Bernard Hopkins vs Anderson Silva, or Mayweather vs Jose Aldo (not GSP, because he'd detroy him to hard, different weight class, and 20x more explosive strength, and way better footwork, and dodging skills)

    Love to see Mayweather vs

  20. So you're saying some Shaq could beat Klitschko? I bet he wouldn't last over 1 round. Possibly 2. PFFT. You know it to.

  21. but first, Haye might need to work on his footwork and positioning. The Klitschko fight was an embarrasment.

  22. In closing, look up the ass beating Rahman just took from Nikolai. BEASTED on. Same Rahman that beat Lennox Lewis in 2001 (before he beat Tyson). 2nd round. Rahman BEATEN TO A PULP> Klitschko whupped his ass to.

  23. Clay Matthews > JJ Watt > all. It's funny because there aren't many white people in the NFL, yet they sure play some very dominating positions, and win a lot of super bowls. LOL there are more blacks who play sports, and many white kids are brought up smoking at the age of 10. Not me though.

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