Join me, Boxing Squared, as boxers react to Tyson Fury’s epic win over Deontay Wilder!

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Boxing Squared

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Boxing Squared


  1. The child about to be still born, the champion gone, the man about to commit suicide, Tyson Fury, an Irish Gypsy clan boy, insulted, abused, scolded, rediculed, laughed at, even shouted at by Telli Swift with filthy words, won WBC, defended with a deadly fight, quietly admired by his all out wife Paris Fury, coach Sugarhill Steward with his team and bloods.

    Deanty Wilder, a good father, personally a nice guy, a driver to very long time WBC champion, listened and followed Malik Scot, fought his soul out for an exhaistive 11 rounds with a giant, injured, lost trilogy but earned respect, can defenitely get back with due time, with shedding falsehood.

  2. Im not gonna be too harsh on Wilder for the post fight stuff. The bad blood was genuine and I don't expect him to fake it like it wasn't. Ali and Frazier didn't shake hands. Duran told Leonard to "suck his balls" after their fight. In UFC, Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones didn't shake hands after they fought. Showing respect is great, but I also don't want you to be fake.

  3. The boxers will be fighting for No1 & 2 positions. the Weightlifer and the footballer will be fighting for the No3 and 4 slot

  4. I think Wilder should go the WBA route and clean house. He could get a belt back and his confidence. With Malik in his corner now, he has the chance to be a much better boxer. But will he decide to retire?

  5. a small group of wildettes comeing out with the twerk squad excusses a broken hand whats next gots to be the gloves again just cant take the loss ,no true and honest, he lost was not good enough facts got to spin a la la land disnet story,fury needs to fight parker ,joyce whyite A,J uysk to be the top dog

  6. Did I miss a review of Kownacki v Helenius btw ? The fraud Kowannacki was a disgrace choosing a deliberate DQ over taking his TKO like a man
    Congrats to Tyson ,Sugar Hill and the whole team they did a great job in enemy territory, and without the usual army of support which cant be over stated .Hat's off to Wilder for lasting so long [and costing me money]true grit .

  7. Surely Fury must be now considered the number 1 heavyweight in the world. Those unified titles that keep jumping around can no longer be the measuring stick for who is the best in the division.

  8. Wilder earned my respect.It takes 2 to make a fight and in my opinion couldn't have been harder fought.

  9. I do think that people are too prone to attach the label ”great fight” to boxing matches. However, I think the Word is appropriate to the full out drama that was Fury v Wilder 3! It truely was a great fight with so many shifts and such high level-drama.

  10. This talk about this fight is ridiculous. Wilder landed one right hand in the whole fight. Add a couple of the most uncoordinated body jabs I’ve ever seen in my life and that was wilders whole output. It was a one sided beat down, pure and simple

    And this whole “Fury best of his era” bullshit is nonsense when he’s only fought 2 fighters from his era, one of which has as much technical skill as a limpet. Until he fights Usyk, Joshua, Whyte, Ruiz, Parker, Hrgovic, Joyce and co we have no idea who the best is. Be very interesting to see Fury vs a mover like Usyk especially after how much trouble guys like Cunningham and Wallin have him. And against Whyte he won’t be able to just lean on him as Whyte is a renouned body puncher

    Boxing fans are the most hyperbolic people on the planet

  11. A sea-saw battle where Wilder won 2 rounds and Fury was clearly studying him in the first.

    Wilder is getting way too much respect for a few body jabs and his toughness.

  12. Wilder needs to EAT alot of Corn Beef and Polynesian food to gain weight on those skinny LEGS and WRIST etc… I hope to see him fight Parker or Whoever

  13. 👍🏽🥊◼
    👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽✊🏽😀👍🏽 was a great fight! Congrats T.Fury on success. Badluck Wilder but earned a lot of respect for courage shown giving his all. I got my $ worth & mrs enjoyed too. Hope both career continue 🙂👍🏽

  14. You know Big Pharmacy Miller was going to have it in for Wilder. I wouldn't mind him vs Wilder in the future. Someone is getting knocked through the topes in the fight.

  15. I can't stop watching videos on this fight. FINALLY people are giving Fury his credit. For years Wilder fanboys and AJ fanboyfriends attacked me personally for my opinions on Fury and Usyk. Finally they are silenced.


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