Blast Away Belly Fat in 6 Minutes a Day No Gym

Who doesn’t wanna have a flat stomach and a fit, healthy body? But are you ready to work on it? There’s even no gym or extra equipment needed – just you and some time. The best result will come if you turn your home workout routine into a habit. This set of exercise is easy to perform and really effective. Let’s check it out!


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39 bình luận trong “Blast Away Belly Fat in 6 Minutes a Day No Gym

  1. Would you please do a vid on core/ab exercises for those of us with lower back issues? Some of these are impossible for us… Thanks!

  2. Amazing compound exercises sequences. Sure for Wonder Woman phisique du rôle and for we, poor men, kind of Bruce Lee Reborn program, no joke. Got me tired just at watching but it's really worthwhile. Specially if Bright Side could split the (long and exceptionally well made) video in two parts, one with the mostly aerobic exercises and the other with the mostly anaerobic. Would help in focusing and in setting a dual, practical daily timetable. Or an alternate days timetable, mostly aerobic 2-4-6 and mostly anaerobic 3-5-7 for example, letting the complete two sets for Sunday (day 1) . Hey Bright Side, we need your technical advice, thanks in advance !

  3. Very helpful exercises. Obesity is something that is bothering mankind. Very helpful exercises to get rid of obesity. Thank you for sharing.

  4. can you please put videos of how to change the eye colour like elsa please please l really need them ……. because l like navy blue eyes which elsa is having…………….

  5. Hey BRIGHT SIDE , can men follow this? In the video she was using terms like wonder women so …. Also I have a permanent back injury so can I follow this ?

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