Berlanga vs Coceres HIGHLIGHTS: October 9, 2021 | PBC on FS1

Edgar Berlanga battled a rough and ready veteran in Marcelo Esteban Cocers, pushing him his limits after being knocked down, but still winning by UD.

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43 bình luận trong “Berlanga vs Coceres HIGHLIGHTS: October 9, 2021 | PBC on FS1

  1. We love Boxing guy no doubt,but see how they disrespected Coceres no post fight interview. Commentators and promoters hype up those guys and where someone’s exposes them. They don’t call how it is.

  2. In order for him to fight Canelo he needs to fight Benavidez first. LMAO. The Canelo won’t happen. He won’t get passed Benavidez whatsoever. I don’t care how good you think he is… it won’t happen.

  3. IF this was Canelo instead of Coceres, he would have knocked Berlanga out cold in the 4th round with those 2 or 3 punches Coceres landed on Berlanga's chin. Is this the new style of throwing a punch? I see Berlanga and Rollie Romero both say yeah before they throw a punch. When they do this an intelligent fighter is going to know to watch out for the coming punch and will be ready with either head movement or a counter. Berlanga is not all that, he's just another over rated sack of shit.

  4. Berlanga got a huge serving of humble pie 🥧. Kid walks around calling out the face of boxing 🥊 a simple mistake like that an elite boxer would put him down for good.

  5. Pinche Berlanga, le habían echado puros bultos, no es igual con uno bien clasificado, ahí le va un mexicano, de categoría para que acabe de rematarlo, viva el buen boxeo

  6. Berlanga is a fucking gangster, fuck what people think, most fighters wouldn’t have pressured coceres like that, ate shots and still kept fighting.


  8. Berlanga Also Suffered Credibility Break… Since He Is More Dedicated To Modeling Than To Practice His Defense. He is on the wrong road… Just like Felix Verdejo.

  9. Coceres did a great performance. Knocking down berlanga is tough but he made it, berlanga was saved by the bell when was about to face the canvas

  10. This fool would lose to canelo off the fact that canelo has the best defense in boxing atm and he's one of the best counter punchers and if berlanga couldnt beat this guy which is a good fighter how does he expect to win against guys like suanders,plant and canelo so i hope he doesn't call out canelo after he fights plant

  11. Berlanga got expose why would they even say he wants canelo really canelo is too much for him shit I think he lost this fight

  12. He's too much lean on his power , but so loses his defences on the way . He should work on his foot work , head movement , and try more to counter punch then being the aggressive dog. He got loads of potential . Speak just as a lover of the sport.

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