Bare-knuckle boxing explodes in popularity in Russia

In Russia, bare-knuckle boxing has surged in popularity during COVID lockdowns.
For the fighters, it offers an escape from a stagnant economy that is making life difficult.
Al Jazeera’s Bernard Smith reports from Moscow, Russia.

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32 bình luận trong “Bare-knuckle boxing explodes in popularity in Russia

  1. Horse ****. It has been popular for centuries. It is documented in the Russian literature. No need to spin it like “things are so bad they beat each other up”. This is just Russia and this is why Hitler and Napoleon found their grave there.

  2. Never underestimate the irish fighting spirit & heart.
    Known as the Celtic Warrior, Collins is the most successful Irish boxer in recent professional boxing history, having held the WBO middleweight and super-middleweight titles simultaneously and never losing a fight as champion. 

    What makes the russians tough is probably the insanity and poverty, on the long run bare knuckle boxers turn into vegetative state, it's worth it only for the right money but not as a profession.

  3. This is nothing new in Myanmar. The Burmese has been doing this kind of martial art for thousands of year.

  4. What a trash lazy report, you just assumed with no evidence bare knuckle boxing is getting popular because of Covid and the economy. Sounds like an excuse just to trash talk Russia. To be expected from Al Bullshit!

  5. Russians are brutal warriors. They have a unique way of meditation and managing anger & frustration.
    MMA, Sambo, Slap competition, etc etc

    But This is certainly going to cause medical issues to the fighters when they will grow old.

  6. All I want is to make my family enjoy the best of time and change for good and I met and they change my life for good

  7. It's notable that, after the release of Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk had many people come up to him and ask him where they could find these fight clubs – they all wanted to join one.

  8. These people obviously don't beleive in LGBT and women's rights. What will it take for Russians to embrace the progressive path? Or will they forever remain brutal vikings?

  9. why does this barbarism not surprise me one little bit. Its at times like these that I am embarrassed to be a male, quite honestly. Evolution ???

  10. Fucki*g Hippocrates now minority is killed in Kashmir and Al-Jazeera four days not made single vedio

    Al Jazeera hyppocrate

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