Arnold Schwarzenegger – Gym Motivation – Motivational Speech

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Motivational Speech

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Speakers – Arnold Schwarzenegger

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28 bình luận trong “Arnold Schwarzenegger – Gym Motivation – Motivational Speech

  1. It’s easy to sleep for 6 hours and regenerate with steroids, growth hormone injections, drugs …. dog addicted, violent advertiser, narcissistic, self-admiring ….. lot of poor people follow him to the death…. he’s one of the devil’s children.

  2. Everything that You said is very, very true, I know because when ever I am doing jimnastic I feel stronger in every way. I feel happier and stronger in my mind and in my body. I become a handicap when I was just 2 and a half months old. The doctors right away told my parents when I fell in coma – get your self a new baby, because if this baby wakes up from coma, she will never talk, sit or walk. But the famous pediatric doctor from Switzerland, Fanconi when I was 7 years old, with day and night work at his Clinic in Zurich in 3 months, just by jimnastic made me run. He told me – Lily you are healthy and you can become what ever you wish. I never forgot those words. So today I am a doctor, specialist with a master deegre. You just need to have a willpower, hard working habits and to believe in your self. I always new what I can and what I can not do. I new that I can t be a balerina, but I new that I can become a good doctors. The first 2 years were very, very hard with the professors, because they did not want to have a handykap on their faculty, they did not want to questen me on the exams, they even with out questening me let me fall the year, but I kept braverly comming back till I finished everything that I wanted.

  3. Imagine if terminator was 245 Arnold. In my opinion that would have been just as if not more awesome.

  4. He tells is like it is ….. a lot of people get offended hearing what he says because they’re likely ashamed of themselves having failed in life so they complain and cry about it.

  5. Yeah the sponsor a manager is why you succeeded there's something that I've been begging m********** for but keep f**** ignoring me you don't give a f*** is why you succeed truth be God damn told I'm not stupid mother f*** long from it

  6. If rich park is uni man and show star Arnold is a copycat be cause he knew what his goal is when he saw him

  7. And to think most of these snowflakes in the comments have turned on him for advocating public health measures💀

  8. Ok u said shoot high so my goal is to beat you !!! Lol Ex-pro boxer founder of Boxing vs UFC and best fight predictor of all times Rocky the Eastern Assassin Esterline!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ik Arnold got 7x mr Olympia and Ronnie got 8x but I still feel like Arnold was the best bodybuilder of all time for sure

  10. I would watch this video as a skinny lanky freshman in highschool to motivate me to lift and get bigger. 4 years later going into college it’s safe to say I’ve made a lot of progress and I hope other people had or will have the same experience from this amazing video.

  11. I’m so glad more people are becoming aware of the aspect of their overall health. Something that worked for me and helped me to improve my mental and physical well-being was Forwago.

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