Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen: UFC MMA fight recap

Mixed Martial Arts fighter Anderson Silva won at UFC 148 over Chael Sonnen in their second title bout this past Saturday. The MMA championship fight was an exciting one as Sonnen nearly defeated UFC’s longest-reigning champion.

After a week of trash-talking Silva’s country, family and friends, Chael Sonnen got what he deserved.

Sonnen started out strong and pinned down Silva in the first round. But Silva came back, much like he did two years ago when he fought Sonnen at UFC 117.

In the second round, Silva landed a knee on Sonnen’s chest, robbing Sonnen of whatever momentum he may have had. Sonnen did himself in with an ill-advised spinning backfist, which caused Sonnen to fall backwards and gave Silva an opportunity to pounce.

Sonnen is the only fighter to severely injure Silva and land such a huge amount of punches on the talented fighter. The close fight has many speculating a Sonnen-Silva rematch may soon be in the works.

This win makes Silva the UFC’s longest-reigning champion, with 15 consecutive wins and 10 title defenses.


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30 bình luận trong “Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen: UFC MMA fight recap

  1. People still do not understand Silva way of fighting, HE TOYS WITH YOU, HE TEST YOU, HE EVEN GIVE YOU THE SHOT TO THINK YOU GOING TO WIN. Behold his fighting mind set is the same as Bruce Lee. if you can't knock him out after 300 strikes just give up, Silva is really like water, after all them strikes to the face Silva still look the same at the end as when he came into the ring, Chael did not.

  2. Well Silva pretty much demonstrated his superiority over a JUICED UP Sonnen twice. Sonnen has demonstrated his utter inferiority to Silva on every level (heart, brains, athleticism, endurance, skill, fair play) TWICE.
    This unassailable truth bothers a lot of people so the only thing left for them do is spin some nonsense lol Hey what ever lets people sleep at night I suppose.

  3. I guess nowadays wailing on someone until they curl up in defenseless and in agony until the ref saves him from being maimed for life by calling the TKO counts as barely winning lol
    Dominance=Barely winning lol

  4. I'm pretty sure it was Silva who submitted and TKO'ed Sonnen in two fights. Yeah I'm pretty sure Sonnen didn't do that to himself lol.

  5. why are ppl saying silva won barely lol dam isnt a TKO good enough ???last time silva nearly put him to sleep and that wasnt good enough but this time come on ..he won fair and square …he's the Champ n the Best

  6. Yea but anything could of happened if Sonnen didn't fall over his own feet. the guys tough… and he put himself in the only situation he could lose… so dis Silva beat Sonnen? or did Sonnen beat Sonnen…?

  7. They missed the part when Silva turned into a giant knee and flew directly to his CHEST!!!! …BTW just barely? That's what happens when you watch a fight with your eyes closed. -_-

  8. It's still nothing compared to Boxing, in Boxing you repeatedly get up over and over and take repeated blows to the head and when you finally go down for 10 it's a concussion. In MMA you really just seem to get hit with one solid punch and bam its over generally.

  9. Can somebody remind me, in which round was there a large cauldron of delicious stew in the middle of the octagon? It slipped my mind.

  10. You know, I used to think that too. But now that the sport has been around longer, brain damage in the older athletes is starting to come to light, like Gary Goodridge. Whether or not that is the product of older times is debatable. However, any time there is force being applied to the head, there is risk of brain damage. You see it in football, wrestling, mma and boxing. I'm not saying to ban mma because of it, but there are risks involved.

  11. MMA is way safer than Boxing. If you want to protest violence go there, UFC isn't about punching people until they have a concussion and brain damage.

  12. He hasn't beaten Silva, because he can't beat Silva. He's had 2 tries and lost both of them. When will all the Chael fanboys realise that Anderson is the greatest of all time, and Chael wouldn't be shit without him.

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