Anatomy Of A Fight: Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk | Boxing Breakdown | Film Study

Former undisputed cruiserweight champion Oleksandr Usyk is now on his way to becoming an undisputed heavyweight champion after outboxing, outfoxing, and outclassing formerly Unified heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua. Usyk displayed a perfect combination of skills and power to capture the titles.

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FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk:

You Beat Me Always – Florian

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  1. Sorry for weird cuts. Some portions of the video got claimed.

    What did you think of Usyk's performance? A lot of people were brushing him off before the fight. I hope a lot more people will appreciate his skills after beating Joshua the way he did. He brings a different type of energy inside the ring. Power of a heavyweight with the footwork of a smaller elite. Sorry for drawing some comparison to the usual suspects. Lol🥊

  2. I mean Usyk embarassed W Klitschko during media work out that he was kicked out of the ring. His boxing IQ is superior.

  3. Clickbait photoshopped screenshot. AJ’s right eye never looked anywhere near that bad during the entire fight.

  4. Oleksandr Usyk is the type of person who would follow you through a revolving door and still come out ahead of you.

  5. AJ is psychologically damaged from this fight a smaller quick boxer beat him up! That's the TRUTH of the fight…AJ realized this guy is quick & has better cardio than himself so AJ was fearful of being stopped! This fight showed us that AJ hasn't learnt how to "Box skillfully" and he needs to work on his cardio which was clearly lacking! Two Olympic champion meet and the quicker of foot & hand speed won easily because he knows how to box and adapt…
    So what has AJ been doing all these years? Nothing! A big guy taught how to box but he's not a natural fighter

  6. Luis Ortiz and Deontay Wilder will be another easy fights for Usyk. These guys have fixed heads and stance. They are easy targets for Usyk's jabs.

  7. It wasnt that Usyk fought a great fight, joshua just isnt in the level that he an the rest of the boxing world think he is.

  8. It seems what Andy Ruiz did to Joshua is the same what Bernard Hopkins did to Kelly Pavlik. Joshua has not been the same

  9. Damn usyk moves like lomachenko. Usyk is the lomachenko in heavyweight division and they're both ukranian too

  10. while Anthony enjoyed his temporary success, usyk worked on his skills and was preparing for war.
    i learn from this that if you want to be a champion you got to be a couple of steps a head of every other challenger.
    Mayweather was a real champion.
    Manny was a real champion.
    they were looking, and they kept their eyes on the prize. they were grinding everyday, for hours. they didnt let money and fame distract them from real training. they knew their identity very well. they knew they are champions. and they knew what champions do. and they did it consistently.

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