315lb Ultra Heavyweight MMA Champ Vs 185lb Black Belt

Amateur MMA Ultra Heavy Weight MMA Champ Vs 185lb Blackbelt. Thanks Jon for being on the show!

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Jordan Teaches Jiujitsu

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  1. Man, I'm so glad I found your channel! These are the best Jujitsu instructional videos on YouTube .I've been a white belt for the last two and a half years. I still feel like I know nothing, but these videos are filling in so many gaps. …and now I like turtles! Thanks JTJ team!

  2. hommie can you put the link for instagram or whatever on here. Not in the area but could be in the next year and would like to get wrecked on camera.

  3. im so glad i found this channel. Ive been looking for the name of the john wayne sweep i learned in a seminar and didnt know the name to look for info on it.

  4. As always, an excellent video. There's some real value in watching how someone at such a high level works and hearing your commentary really drives it home. Great stuff! Just hit four years of training, with a six-month break after a significant neck surgery. 4-stripe blue with hopes of being a purple belt and FEELING like a purple belt hopefully soon-ish.

  5. Hey, great stuff man. How did you get those threetrunk legs? Doing weights and grappling at once? How do your exercise program look like?

    Regards from sweden (Y)

  6. YouTube algorithm brought me here. Digging your insights and really enjoy the notes at the bottom. Subbed and looking forward to more videos. (Brown belt training 7.5 years)

  7. This is quickly becoming my favourite BJJ channel! The way you commentate your rolls is not only very relaxing but also very educative, keep up the good work! Blue belt, 2 years👊

  8. Awesome man, im a white belt so it's super handy to know what you're thinking in terms of tactics and strategy, chasing underhooks for example, really enjoyed the commentary 👍

  9. Good stuff. I liked the standup techniques. 47 y/o WB…I started training in 99 and quit…then started again in 2005 and had to quit…started back six months ago. That quote about being somewhere in ten years really hit home. I wish I’d stuck with it but I’m in it for life now.

  10. Would love a breakdown of the high back control at 6:05 and what you can do from that position! 🙂 Also, your guillotines are lit! Would love a video on that too!

  11. Hey Jordan I just subscribed to the channel. I've been rolling for about 2 years now and your videos are just pure gold. I'd love to roll with you. I'm in Québec city but I hear you're going near Montreal soon?

  12. Great video, as always. Really enjoy the commentary and the fact that you even take the time to put on-screen info about positions/hints as well. I'm a white belt, just got my third stripe last week. Started in Feb 2020 but between the pandemic and injuries I've only been training for about 7 months. I'm thrilled with my decision to start bjj and am passionate about improving but I'm also quite passionate about staying healthy, haha. Still trying to find that balance.

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