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  1. Karate chops is very mythologized. Especially because a lot of martial arts movies is overusing that type of strike.

  2. People complaining that Ramsay and others arent even trying dont realize that Jordan wasnt even trying to really kill them either. In an actual fight, the attacker will be just as much pumped by adrenalin as the victim and is able to use all other methods to restrain his target as well

  3. sir try hitting your alna bone on the attackers radial bone. not saying that would help with the neck to the knife situation but it certainly would have better odds on giving pain to the attacker.

  4. man these self defence videos dont even study the possibility of the attacker having knife combat training

  5. I find it funny that this called a karate chop….. but i karate you dont use it as a hit but as a defence and its a kata use not a real fighting use. In hapkido they use it more.

  6. In my country if you hand over your wallet or car keys you still get stabbed or shot…it's like the criminals really hate you for having what they want, it's so weird here. None of the defenses were invincible, because no defense is, but the Bagwah defense was the best…if it was practiced over and over i bet he would get better at staying behind his attacker

  7. If your attacker is really nervous and doesn't really want to kill you and is standing at a distance, the karate chop might be a good deflection to open up other moves. But it's still just a deflection, so if they still have the knife you should probably just run away at that point.

  8. "I once Karate chopped my way through a cabal of FARC henchmen..to neutralize the leaders in a tent.
    On the way to the camp I found an abandoned Bear cub…from an endangered species.
    I saved the Cub and Democracy with Karate chops.
    Frank Dux

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