10 World Class MMA Fighters That Train With Nobody

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48 bình luận trong “10 World Class MMA Fighters That Train With Nobody

  1. Nobody on the big stage trains with "nobody." If you mean "nobodies", what are you expecting? All of the best fighters to train together? There's a "best fighter" in every gym and discrediting every other fighter in a gym because they arent on the big stage just goes to show that you don't respect fighters and the audience that watches your videos.

  2. This list makes no sense . The number one spot has matt hume who had already trained a world champion before dj and trained several other successful ufc fighters. Hardly a nobody. Matt hume has been one of the most know mma coaches for like 15+years

  3. Proverbs 27:17
    King James Version
    17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend

  4. This dude narrates like his office is on fire and he really wants to finish the video. Chill out. I enjoy the videos though 👍🏼

  5. Tony Ferguson has one of the most unfortunate stories in UFC history….the guy really truly got screwed ….I mean I really don't think he would have had-much of a-chance against Khabob but still Tony definately deserved atleast a chance to try and it's really messed up and sad that he never even got a chance to

  6. 11:54 Seriously get you somebody that loves you as much as Stipe Miocic loves Cleveland. 😂 good one mate

  7. Top 10 UFC Fighters who Train at Gyms Nobody’s Ever Heard About

    Number one will probably be Stipe Miocic.

  8. So many "what ifs" on this list. The what if, obviously being "what if they trained with a known camp?" Everyone on this list doesn't necessarily apply, but there's a few that I think do. If Rousey had moved to Jackson Wink before her return, would it have gone differently? If Cro Cop had gone to ATT would his UFC run gone better? I think a lot of these fighters wouldn't fit in with a real camp, but a few probably would. "What ifs" are a lot of fun to think about.

  9. Michael “Mayday” McDonald out of my hometown Modesto, CA. Trained out of Oakdale MMA. Fought for WEC, UFC, and Bellator. Was 19-4 and Only losses were to John Lineker, Urijah Faber, Renan Barao for the UFC Interim belt, and Cole Escovedo, which he avenged in the rematch. Retired on a 2 fight win streak. Dude was super underrated.

  10. what creativity does tony have? He hasnt shown creativity since like the middle of his lightweight run then is was just trading blows till one fell

  11. When are pundits doing to realize you don't sharpen iron with iron but with stone? So-called sharpening steels don't actually sharpen. See also stropping. Yes, I know it comes from Proverbs 27:17, but it doesn't make it right.

  12. Conor has to be #1. Sleeping Aldo, being the first UFC double champ, and training with the GOAT, Lord Artem.

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