10 of the Most UNDESERVED Wins in MMA

For this video, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most undeserved wins in MMA/UFC history.

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34 bình luận trong “10 of the Most UNDESERVED Wins in MMA

  1. Befort/Couture 2 COULD NOT have been a no contest. The cut was the result of a LEGAL blow. No Contest is from an unintentional foul or something non-combat related (like a power outage or something) Then it's a NC if less than half of the scheduled rounds are completed.

    Please learn the unified rules before making commentary about how the fight "could have" been ruled

  2. Shamrock Vs. Gracie & Slice Vs. Dada 5000 on the same card. That's just shitty match making in my opinion Lol I still remember Kimbo & Dada talking so much shit at press conferences & then the match was freaking horrible. Didn't Dada 5000 almost die in the Octagon a couple times?? Also didn't Kimbo throw a punch & miss & the wind from the punch knock Dada down?? Lol I can't remember much but couldn't stomach to watch it again Lol

  3. I would say that “stoolgate” should be on this list. Romero crew acting hella new while he sat there recovering from being super hurt by Tim Kennedy.

  4. Aljo 100% deserved to win his fight against Yan. Yan landed an illegal strike, period. We can discuss how knees to a downed opponent should be legal or at least don’t count a hand down as be “downed”. I would say a fighter is only grounded when both knees are on the ground or their back, butt is touching the canvas. We all know Yan is going to win the rematch, it’s why Aljo pulled out due to neck surgery recovery and is then seen on video head banging. None of this changes the fact that Yan landed an illegal strike with no way of knowing how it would have altered the fight going forward. He lost fair and square.

  5. Why are y'all shitting on my boy Aljo? Yan fucked up and ILLEGALY KNEED my boy, Yan realized Aljo was too much for him, frustration took over and he KNEED him.

  6. #Masvidal Vs #Diaz .. Anybody Who Is a Fan Of #Jorge And #Nate .. Or Anybody Who Has Followed Both Of Their Careers .. Knew #Diaz Was Gonna Lost The First Two Rounds .. & More Probable Than Possible .. He Was Gonna Lose Them Badly .. Due to Him Being a Notoriously Slow Starter .. & #Jorge Being a Fast (Hence The Fastest KO In UFC History) Starter .. #Masvidal Woulda Got Finished In The 4th Or 5th (Guaranteed) .. & #Nate Fought #StreetJudas Only 75 Days After Beating #Pettis .. & With a Knee Injury .. #WarDiaz The Real B.M.F

  7. I knew it that fake bantamweight champion Aljamain Fakemaster Sterling would be here on this list, funny how he does everything that he possibly can to postpone the beatdown that awaits him at the hands of the real bantamweight champ Petr Yan

  8. Saying Jones is undefeated is like saying Lance Armstrong is the Tour de France winner. Jon was most likely all doped up for all those wins. Remember, that was pre-USADA.

  9. where is chael sonnen vs anderson silva 1???? chael didnt know a tap meant the fight was over. He thought it meant the round was over!!! should still be undefeated and undisputed. #MyGOAT

  10. Belfort couture shouldnt be on there vitor hit him he got cut they stopped it vitor deserved the win, he cause the damage that led to the stoppage

  11. Matt "The Hammer" Hammil absolutely deserved that win. The 12-6 elbow rule is silly, but it is 100% an illegal strike that rendered him unable to continue. Zero controversy here. The rules are quite clear.

  12. Aljo-feign, aljo-lame, aljo- didn't deserve to win, he was begging for a knee, that shouldn't be any self respecting fighters technique,

  13. It’s so easy for y’all to hate aljo maybe y’all should get mad at yan no understanding the rules of the fight 🤡🤡😂

  14. Green vs Krause number 1? It didn’t even hit the groin omfg. The first 2 before hand hit the balls but the one that finished the fight was Krause giving up cause she was being dominated. If ur not a casual u can see that. Also ankiliev, cutelaba 1 should be on this list

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