10 Fighters Who Changed MMA

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48 bình luận trong “10 Fighters Who Changed MMA

  1. Urijah Faber changed the game by having talented lighter weight classes, from wec days that ufc bought out…Dominic Cruz , Renan Barao , Joseph benavidez , Demetrius Johnson, Miguel Torres, Ian McCall , brad Pickett, mike brown , Brian Bowles etc

  2. I’m surprised Brock wasn’t on here. He brought those extra fans from the wwe and showed that pro wrestlers can be legitimate fighters and even world champions. Not to mention the money he brought in.

  3. Fooook the megregors they made MMA the crap show it is today!!!!!!!🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  4. How tf is Khabib #1?? Seriously dude.. Are you frickin crazy? Undefeated my behind, 17 fights outside of the UFC with only 3 title defenses????? I seriously suspect you're in Saudi's payroll dude 👎👎👎

  5. Khabib brought the whole Muslim world to the UFC and MMA. His impact is far Greater than people think of

  6. I thought nr 1 was a clear Connor McGregor, he is even on Forbes wealth list, but personally i agree with Khabib as nr 1 who changed fighting and to MMA GOAT

  7. Good list, but I'd say the last one was completely wrong. Khabib really didn't do much to change MMA, and retiring isn't exactly something impressive. He was undefeated, sure, but only a few of his opponents were top-tier fighters, and his championship reign, despite it's length, only comprised 3 defenses. I mean, Khabib wouldn't be in the top 20, 30 or 40 either. People who really understand MMA and it's history would tell you that Khabib's biggest impression on the sport was the whole Connor feud and debacle, and jumping out of the cage to assault someone post-match. His That was certainly newsworthy, but not in a positive way.
    Now to fix this list, you would have to remove Khabib and replace the #1 slot. It just so happens you missed the most revolutionary fighter(s) for the sport, and the real #1. Forest Griffin and Stephen Bonnar's classic is widely regarded as the fight that changed everything for the UFC and in turn MMA. Such an incredible fight is responsible for the initial momentum that kept UFC from collapsing, and instead began growing. The buzz these two created catapulted MMA into the era of mainstream sport, from the previous public view of violent, barely-legal, cage-fighting that sketchy people watch alone in their basement.

  8. I think the list is correct except khabib should be lower Ronda is responsible for 4 new divisions that’s way more change then khabib all respect to the man

  9. I think the penalty for PED's should be a lifetime ban from the sport. If you take every goat contender with ped test failures out of the running you've got GSP and Khabib.

  10. As a Fighter: Khabib> Any one else
    As a Star and what one has done for the company: Conor> Any one else

  11. I totally skipped the Ronda part and replayed Khabib's. Hmmm! Come to think about it, I think I made the right decision there. 😁😁

  12. Khabib never faced a decent grappler. Don't even bring Justin Gaethjy fight, Justin's ground game is not there. If he had taken on Olivera / Dariush /Ferguson (pre-nerf) type of opponent we would have likely seen a somewhat different picture.

  13. I feel like for the specific reason you put chuck Liddell in this list, Maurice smith would’ve been a better fit. He was the first guy to be successful with the sprawl and brawl style. He showed you can be a striker with good takedown defense and beat up a good grappler

  14. Don’t forget Forrest griffin and Stephen Bonner fight, only fight to ever tune in random ppl watching tv

  15. sick of seeing jones in "top"UFC videos the only one he belongs in is TOP UFC fighters that should of been banned

  16. You don't have an idea how many ppl from the Muslims countries start to watch ufc because of khabib

  17. Conor mc tapper is number one bullshit on this list, the only thing he did is pee on the effort of gentlemans like GSP, Rich Franklin or Randy Couture to turn the ufc into a respectable sport. He turn the ufc a new branch of the WWE

  18. Khabib is great, but I emphatically disagree with him on this list. He didn't "change" the sport. Izzy should be on this list.

  19. how did conor change the ufc? he hasnt done anything himself? he literally copied everyone you named before him whether it was the way he talked or the way he dressed he hasnt done shit lol he copied people i dont get why people like him more than the fighters that came before him that he based his whole alter ego on….so corny fuckin casuals

  20. Ronda 1 ,connor 2 , gracie 3 ,gsp ,4 spider 5, Tito 6, chuck 7, jon 8, khabib 9 , brock 10, diaz brothers 11,

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